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 Graduate Programs

​​​MS in CS MS in SWE MS in SIA PhD in CSE

The Computer Science Master Program was established in 1983 to provide the advanced knowledge in all fields related to computer and information sciences such as programming languages, software engineering, computer networks, computer and network security, information systems, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and theoretical computer science. The Program is designed to support academic and professional interests covering both theoretical and practical aspects.

The Master of Science in Software Engineering is research and professional degree targeting practicing software engineers, computer scientists, and information technologists. The degree program may serve as the foundation for those with a professional interest to further their career as engineers and/or those with research interest who may ultimately seek a doctoral degree. A minimum number of credit hours are necessary to convey the breadth and depth of the required knowledge and to develop the desired skills in students.

The Security & Information Assurance is an advanced-knowledge program tailored to meet the needs of information security practitioners, network engineers, computer scientists, information technologists as well as software engineers. The program has a synergy of theory, practice and research by providing multitude of specialized courses that cover all related aspects of the field. The program is designed to be interdisciplinary by allowing students to take elective courses from the existing courses in Computer Science and other related graduate programs. This will ensure a balance between depth and breadth of the gained knowledge.

​​​MS in CS MS in SWE MS in SIA PhD in CSE