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 ICS 309: Computing And Society

​Course Information

Class/Laboratory Schedule: 

2 lectures per week, 50 minutes each (2-0-2).

Designation:   Required Course

Course Level:   Undergraduate


Prerequisite(s) by Topic: 

  • No programming or computer science experience is required.
  • Good background in high-school and prep-year English should be sufficient to appreciate the solutions of basic ethical problems.

Prerequisite Courses: 

Catalog Description: 

Impact of Computing on Society; Ethical Foundations; Governance and Regulation; Freedom of Speech; Intellectual Property; Privacy; Security; Professional Responsibility; Leadership challenge.


  • Ethics in Information Technology by George Reynolds, 2nd Edition, Thomson Course Technology, 2007.
  • Reference(s) and Other Material: 
  • A Gift of Fire by Sara Baase. 2nd Edition. Pearson Education Inc., 2003.
  • Morality and Machines by Stacy Edgar. 2nd Edition. Jones and Bartlett, 2003.
  • The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes, and Barry Posner. 3rd Edition. Wiley (Jossey-Bass), 2002.

Course Outcomes: 

  • After completion of this course, the student shall be able to:
  • Describe and evaluate consequences of computing on individuals, organizations, and society.
  • Critically analyze situations of computer use and technology and policy proposals, identifying the salient issues and evaluating the reasoning about them.
  • Understand philosophical frameworks of ethics.
  • Communicate clearly with others, in writing and in speech, about computing impacts.
  • Describe the characteristics of a good leader.
  • Topics Covered: 
  • Ethics for IT professionals and IT Users
  • Computer and Internet Crime
  • Privacy
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Intellectual Property
  • Computers and Work
  • Employer Employee Issues
  • Impact of IT on quality of life​