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 ICS 582: Natural Language Processing

​Course Information

Designation:   Elective Course

Course Level:   Graduate


Prerequisite(s) by Topic: 

  • Prerequisite: ICS 381 or Consent of Instructor

Prerequisite Courses: 

Catalog Description: 

This course examines a range of issues concerning computer systems that can process human languages. Among the issues to be discussed are morphological and syntactic processing, semantic interpretation, discourse processing and knowledge representation. Components of a natural languages processing system, Natural language models: Mathematical, psychological, Lexical, syntactic, and semantic analysis, Phrasestructured grammars, Transformational grammars, Transition networks, Semantic networks, Conceptual parsing, Conceptual dependency, Systemic and case grammars, Scripts, plans and goals, Knowledge representation, Sentence generation. Course projects give the students knowledge in how to use recent trends in Natural Language Processing.​