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 Ph.D. In Computer Science - Program Features

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The proliferation and the ever-increasing dependencies on computers have initiated the need for new developments in computer science to fuel the advances in almost every area of our lives, from nanotechnology to biotechnology, and from business to education. This makes computer science one of the most exciting disciplines to study and has generated a long term demand for experts in the field throughout the world.

At KFUPM, the Department of Information and Computer Science and the Department of Computer Engineering, have been offering a joint PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). As the program has been successfully running since late 1990s, both departments believe that it is time to offer their own stand-alone discipline specific PhD degrees.

Establishing the PhD Program in Computer Science is meant to meet corresponding demand in Saudi Arabia. The Department of Information & Computer Science at KFUPM has a wide range of Master-level graduate program offerings, all of which are intended to be challenging and dedicated to the evolution of Computer Science. Offering a PhD degree would be one of the most satisfying and rewarding educational experiences.

The PhD program is to be heavily integrated with our research activities. The program would lead to the highest degree offered by the Faculty and is designed to provide students an opportunity to obtain the greatest possible expertise in their chosen field through intensive research and coursework. The goal of the program is to take people with raw talent and intellect, nurture them in our environment through a thorough immersion in research and coursework, and produce well-educated researchers and future leaders in Computer Science. The program introduces new perspectives in formulating and solving challenges that are currently a target of very active research areas. ​

The Program is to provide advanced knowledge in all fields related to computer and information sciences such as programming languages, software engineering, computer networks, computer and network security, information systems, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and theoretical computer science. The Program is designed to support academic and professional interests covering both theoretical and applied aspects.

 Computer Science and Engineering faculty are actively involved in many contemporary research areas in their fields. The current research interests of the faculty include: ​

  • Wireless and mobile computing (mesh, ad-hoc, and sensor networks)
  • Network design
  • Network performance analysis and evaluation
  • Network management
  • Network resource management
  • Next generation networks
  • Pervasive computing
  • Network topology control
  • Web service technology
  • Optical networks
  • Distributed real-time systems
  • IT security systems, including biometrics and forensics
  • Applied cryptography and steganography
  • Encryption and authentication technologies
  • Computer network security
  • Autonomous intelligent systems (Robotics)
  • Multimedia systems
  • Computer vision
  • Access technology (smart cards and RFID technology)
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Neural networks
  • Software engineering
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing and machine translation
  • Computer graphics
  • VLSI design automation
  • Synthesis and verification of hardware systems
  • Testing, verification and design for testability
  • Software-hardware co-design
  • Application-specific and mixed-signal Systems
  • Systems on chips
  • Configurable computing
  • Parallel computing and distributed processing
  • High performance architecture/processing
  • Fault-tolerant computing​
Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available to qualified candidates. Qualified applicants to the Ph.D. program may be hired as lecturers and will be expected to spend half of their time supporting teaching and research activities in the University, either the remaining half devoted to their academic program. These positions provide the following :
  • Free tuition.
  • Monthly stipend.
  • Free essential medical care.
  • Free furnished housing
  • Prepaid air passage for initial travel to Dhahran at the start of contract .
  • Return up on completion of the degree.​

Program Features Course and Admission Requirements ​Degree Comprehensive Examination Program Objectives and Student Outcomes​ Degree Plan​Student Guide
Course List