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 Research Groups

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) has long been recognized as an integral part of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It has been realized by many nations that development of indigenous ASR research would enable a wide utilization of the ICT, which became an important and strategic ICT goals for the economic development of nations. This group has been previously involved in a number of KACST supported projects, which led to the development of an Arabic-text-to-speech system. The Group also established a research development infrastructure based on the state-of-the-art Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) speech recognition tools. The team also imported the most recent version of the speech recognition tools, known as HTK, which was developed by Cambridge University. The developed research platform would enable the team to pursue further research in Arabic speech recognition. 

The aim of the ISRG is to promote research and development on various aspects of artificial intelligence, machine learning and soft computing techniques and their interdisciplinary applications that can benefit both private and public sectors in the Kingdom in many areas including education, government, agriculture, bioinformatics, healthcare, business and finance, oil and gas exploration, petrochemical industries, environment, communication networks and information security. This goes in line with the National Plan for Strategic and Advanced technologies, under the information technology program, which fosters and supports national research that could lead to technological products and to establishing advanced industries, which contribute to the advancement of the national economy and support sustainable development.

Software Metrics Research Group (SMRG) is a software metrics research group, whose mission is to conduct high-quality research in software metrics and to become a leading centre in software engineering. Projects that are current include: Measuring Coupling of Object-Oriented Systems, Measuring Cohesion of Object-Oriented Systems, Measuring Coupling in Object-Oriented Designs, Measuring Cohesion in Object-Oriented Designs, Development of a Software Engineering Laboratory, XSLT Library for SMI Querying, etc. 

Software Engineering research group of the ICS department.