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 SWE 387: Software Project Management

Course Information

Class/Laboratory Schedule: 

3 lectures per week, 50 minutes each (3-0-3)

Designation:   Required Course

Course Level:   Undergraduate


Prerequisite(s) by Topic: 

  • Junior Standing

Prerequisite Courses: 

Catalog Description: 

Introduction to project management concepts, tools, and techniques: integration management and project planning, scope management, scheduling, budget control, human resource management, communication management, risk analysis and management, project quality management, and procurement management.

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Reference(s) and Other Material: 
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Course Outcomes: 

Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Estimate the cost of the project and perform risk management and configuration management in software projects.
  • Measure project progress, productivity and other aspects of the software process.
  • Work in a team to develop a project management plan.
  • Draft contracts and proposals for software projects.
  • Develop a project plan for a significant development effort.
  • Self-learn new tools that help in managing a software project.

Topics Covered: 
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