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​The KFUPM-ARAMCO Hackday event took place on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, in the Innovation Center of the Dhahran Techno Valley (DTV). While it is the fourth HackDay event organized by the Information and Computer Science (ICS) department of the College of Computer Science and Engineering (CCSE) and the TechBench CS students association, it is the first edition sponsored by Saudi ARAMCO EXPEC-ARC.  ​It is also the first edition of the event where participation was open for male and female students. 

​More than 200 students were present for the event, most of them competing in the different scheduled competitions. Participants came from different universities and companies in the region, such as Imam Abdulrahman University (University of Dammam), Prince Muhammed University (PMU), King Saud University, King Faisal University, Saudi Electronic University, Saudi Aramco, etc. More than 40 participants were female.

​Unlike previous editions which were focusing on a single programming competition (Hackathon), in this edition, three different types of competitions were programmed:

1- Hackathon: a programming competition where participants need to solve a set of programming challenges using Java or Python languages.
2- Capture-The-Flag (CTF): a Cybersecurity contest where participants need to solve a set of information security challenges
3- Datathon: an Artificial Intelligence competition where participants are given a real problem related to Oil and Gaz provided by Saudi ARAMCO EXPEC-ARC. 

The competitions lasted for 2 hours and a half and the winners of the three competitions were as follows:


Number of active participants: 93


1- Wael Al-Saeed (ARAMCO Employee): 484 points

1- Khalid Alsufyani (KFUPM Student (EE)): 484 points

2- Hamzah Shafi (KFUPM Student (CS)): 405 points

3- Mohammed Alawaje (KFUPM Student (SWE)): 386 points

Capture The Flag (CTF)

Number of active participants: 30


1- Abdulrahman Al-Batel (Saudi Electronic University): 1010 points

2- Hussam Al-Ahmadi (KFUPM Student (SWE)): 910 points

3- Abdulrahman Al-Manea (KFUPM Student (SWE)): 910 points


Number of active participants: 17


1- Abdulrahman Rabih (KFUPM Student (EE))

2- Muhammad Al-Readean (Employee)

3- Abdulmalek Ahmed (KFUPM Student (CPG))

The prizes for the winners were given by KFUPM and ARAMCO guests:

Dr. Adel Ahmed, Dean of CCSE college

Dr. Homoud Al-Jamaan, Chairman of the ICS department

Dr. Ahmed Al-Zawawi, Saudi ARAMCO-EXPEC-ARC

Dr. Nasher BinHassan, Saudi ARAMCO-EXPEC-ARC


HackathonWinners.JPG DatathonWinners.JPG AllWinners.JPG