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 B. Sc. Degree In Statistics

Degree PlanRequirements  Course Descriptions

Statistics is the science that deals with collecting data, analyzing it and making decisions from it.  A statistician is a value asset in every industry from the design stage, through the data collection stage to the analysis.  The input of the statistician is essential for the success of every endeavor. The objective of the BS program in Statistics is to prepare students for career opportunities in industry and government, as well as the private sector in such fields as business, banking, insurance, health, and for further graduate studies.
The program has a good balance of theory, applications and data analysis, as well as carefully selected sequences of courses from computer science, management information systems, accounting and finance, and management and marketing. This interdisciplinary approach is meant to make the program flexible, and give the students a broad base of education, improving their chances of employment.  Graduates of the program are well-qualified statisticians with good knowledge in computing, information systems, management and marketing.