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 B.S. Degree In Actuarial Science And Financial Mathematics - Degree Plan

 Program Mission and Objectives |SOA Exams |​ Degree Plan | Requirements Course Descriptions

First Year (Freshman) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​   ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
First Semester 
     Second Semester     
ECON101Principles of Microeconomics303 ECON102Principles of Macroeconomics303
ENGL101Intro. to Academic Discourse303 ENGL102Intro. to Report Writing303
ACCT110Intro. to Financial Accounting303 BUS200Business & Entrepreneurship 303
IAS121Language Foundation202 IAS111Belief and its Consequences202
MATH101Calculus I404 MATH102Calculus II404
PE101Health & Physical Education I021 ICS104Intro. to Programming in Python and C  233
15216   17318
Second Year (Sophomore)

First Semester 
     Second Semester     
ACCT210Intro. to Managerial Accounting303 FIN250Financial Management303
AS201Financial Math303 AS289Actuarial Sc. Problem Lab I021
IAS212Professional Ethics202 AS251Mathematics of Financial Derivatives223
ISE291Intro. to Data Science303 STAT301Intro. to Probability Theory303
MATH201Calculus III303 MATH208Intro. to Diff Eq. & Lin Algebra303
STAT214Statistical Methods for Actuaries324 ENG214Academic & Professional Communication303
 17218    14416
Third Year (Junior)
First Semester 
     Second Semester     
FIN320Investments303 AS398Internship006
AS380Actuarial Contingencies I223     
CGS392Career Essentials021     
MATH371Introduction to Numerical Computing223     
STAT302Statistical Inference303     
STAT310Regression Analysis303     
IASXxxIslamic/Arabic Elective202       
15618   006
Fourth Year (Senior)

First Semester  
  Second Semester     
STAT416Stoch Processes for Actuaries303 XXXXxxTechnical Elective303
AS484Act Risk Th and Credibility324 ASXxxAS Elective II303
ASXxxAS Elective I303 STAT460Time Series303
COE292Intro. to Artificial Intelligence303 AS481Actuarial Contingencies II324
AS389Actuarial Sc. Problem Lab II021 FIN440Islamic Finance303
GSXxxGeneral Studies Elective I303       
15417    15216
Total credit hours required in Degree Program :