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 B. Sc. Degree In Mathematics​

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BS Mathematics Program Mission:

To provide students with strong up-to-date mathematical foundation and professional skills that lead our graduates to succeed in subsequent careers and educational programs and to serve the community and contribute to the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

BS Mathematics Program Goals:

Goal 1. Improve quality of the program.


  1. Enhance and update teaching and learning techniques.
  2. Engage faculty in professional development activities.
  3. Use and maintain a variety of appropriate technological tools throughout the curriculum.
  4. Introduce new courses to satisfy current needs.

Goal 2. Promote the research awareness at the undergraduate level.


  1. Generate good research atmosphere through seminars and conferences.
  2. Engage students in research projects.
  3. Encourage interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research ideas.

Goal 3. Increase student enrolment in the program.


  1. Publicize the importance of mathematics in real life through seminars and workshops.
  2. Increase the contacts and communications with prep year and high schools to attract more students to the program.

Goal 4. Develop and implement community engagement plans.


  1. Spread the math culture in the society.
  2. Enhance the awareness of the public on the history and applications of Math.

Goal 5. Establish collaboration with industry and private/public sectors.


  1. Design courses suitable to the need of the industry.
  2. Expose students to concrete examples and applications from industry and private/public sectors.