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Four-year Academic Plan
Digital/Business Foundation
Freshman Year
CHEM 101
MSGeneral Chemistry I344PHYS 102MSGeneral Physics II334
ENGL 101GSIntro. to Academic Discourse303MATH 102MSCalculus II404
PHYS 101MSGeneral Physics I334ENGL 102GSIntro. to Report Writing303
MATH 101MSCalculus I404IAS 111GSBelief & Its Consequences202
PE 101GSHealth and Physical Education I021ICS 104DFIntro. to Programm. In Python & C233
  Total13916  Total14616
Sophomore Year
MATH 201MSCalculus III303MATH 208
MSIntroduction to Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
MATH 210CRIntro. to Sets and Structures303MATH 225CRIntro. to Linear Algebra303
STAT 201CRIntro. to Statistics223MATH 323CRModern  Algebra I303
ENGL 214GSAcademic & Professional Comm.303XXX xxxMSScience Electivexx3
BUS 200DFBusiness & Entrepreneurship303IAS 121GSLanguage Foundation202
      ISE 291DFIntro. to Data Science303
  Total14215  Total14017
Junior Year
MATH 333  CRMethods of Applied Math I303MATH 441CRAdvanced Calculus II303
MATH 341  CRAdvanced Calculus I303XXX xxxCRMATH 451 or STAT 301*303
MATH 371  CRIntro. to Numerical Computing223MATH xxxCEMATH Elective I303
XXX xxxFEFree Elective303XE xxxENEngineering Elective303
COE 292DFIntro. to Artificial Intelligence303IAS 212GSProfessional Ethics202
      CGS 392GSCareer Essentials021
  Total14215  Total14215
Summer Session  MATH 399CRSummer Training002
Senior Year
MATH 445CRIntro. to Complex Variables303MATH 453CRIntro. to Topology303
MATH xxxCEMATH Elective II303MATH 490CRSeminar in Math101
MATH xxxCEMATH Elective III303MATH xxxCEMATH Elective IV303
XE xxxTETechnical Elective I303XE xxxTETechnical Elective II303
IAS xxxGSIslamic/Arabic Elective202GS xxxGSGS Elective303
  Total14014  Total13013
        Total Credit Hours  123
* MATH 451: Differential Geometry, STAT 301: Intro to Probability Theory      MSMath and Science  29
       GSGeneral Studies  22
       CRCore Subjects  36
       CECore Electives  12
       ENEngineering Electives  3
       TETechnical Electives  6
       FEFree Electives  3
       DFDigital/Business Foundation  12
        Total  123
       Total Core (CR+CE)  48
       Total Engineering (Total Core+EN)  51