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 B. Sc. Degree In Mathematics​

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The objective of the BS programs in mathematics and statistics is to prepare the students for career opportunities in educational institutions, industry, government organizations and other areas involving applications of mathematics.

The program also prepares the students for graduate studies in mathematics and other research organizations using mathematical tools. The programs are broad-based and cover main streams of mathematics, namely; pure mathematics, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and statistics. The curricula are designed to strengthen both conceptual and computational talent of the students and as such the graduates will have a solid background to pursue higher educational programs as well as take up assignments in industry and other related practical fields.


The mission of the BS program in Mathematics at KFUPM is to provide students with an effective understanding of mathematical concepts and professional skills that lead them to succeed in their academic and career goals and contribute to the development of Kingdom.

Goals and objectives:

Goals, Objectives and Learning Objectives of BS in Mathematics 

Students who successfully complete the program should reach the following goals:

  1. Be able to apply problem solving and logical skills in solving Mathematical problem and modeling real-life problems
  2. Have a deeper understanding of main concepts of mathematics.
  3. Be able to communicate mathematical/logical ideas verbally and in writing
  4. Acquire professional skills that will enable them to succeed in their educational and career goals.


    The program goals are in line with the University and College mission statements.