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 Degree Plan Revised MS Program in MATH (approval is pending)

Program I Admission Requirements I Degree Requirement I Degree Plan I Course Description I Road Map


First Semester
     MATH xxxMATH Requirement I (*)303
     MATH xxxMATH Requirement II303
     MATH xxxMATH Elective 303
     Second Semester
     MATH xxxMATH Requirement III303
     MATH xxxMATH Elective 303
     XXX xxxFree Elective303
     MATH 599Seminar100
     Third Semester
     MATH xxxMATH Elective (**)303
     XXX xxxFree Elective303
     MATH 610Thesis00IP
     Fourth Semester
    MATH 610Thesis006
    TOTAL 30


(*) Math Requirements I, II and III are three of the following five courses: MATH 521, 531, 533, 550 and 551.

(**) Math 609 requires solid evidence it is indispensable for the advancement of the student's learning goals.