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 Degree Requirements PhD Program In Mathematics (Revised Pending Approval)

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  1. Each PhD student will complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate level courses, on top of the credit hours completed in his M.S. degree and deficiency courses. These courses are to be chosen such that
    1. A minimum of 15 credit hours must be in one of the two major areas, Pure Mathematics or Applied Mathematics.
    2. A minimum of 6 credit hours must be taken in the other major area.
    3. A minimum of two 600-level courses in Mathematics must be taken for credit other than the Reading & Research courses.
  2. After completion of most of the required course work, a PhD student must take a written Comprehensive Examination, as one of the requirements for admission to PhD candidacy. It is intended to ensure that students have sufficient background in their subject area to undertake PhD research. The examination is expected to cover topics from 4 to 6 graduate level courses and is to be taken by students by the end of their second year.
  3. The student must submit and successfully defend a dissertation based on original and    scholarly research done by him and judged by a committee to be a significant contribution to his area of specialization.