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 Degree Requirements Revised MS Program in MATH (approval is pending)

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To complete the M.S. program, a candidate must:

  1. Complete 24 credit hours, satisfying the following:
    1. at least 18 credit hours must be in Mathematics
    2. of the 18 credit hours, the student must successfully pass at least three courses out of the following
      1. MATH 521 General Topology I
      2. MATH 531 Real Analysis
      3. MATH 533 Complex Variables
      4. MATH 550 Linear Algebra
      5. MATH 551 Abstract Algebra
    3. a maximum of 6 credit hours at the 400 level can be counted.
  2. Pass the seminar course MATH 599.
  3. Prepare and successfully defend a thesis.
  4. The remaining courses are chosen with the approval of the academic advisor in consultation with the thesis advisor.