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 Graduate Attributes

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KFUPM List of Attributes and Associated Skills


Effective Communicator

Able to present ideas clearly and concisely in high quality written and spoken Arabic/English.  Comprehends  design  documentation  and  communicates complex concepts within the profession and with society at large. Able to understand, listen and respond to clear instructions in a way that gains the full meaning of what's being communicated and makes the other party feel heard and understood.

Adapts and shows resilience in the face of challenges. Transmits positivity through  times  of  uncertainty.  Considers  the  broader  perspective  of  the problem as compared to simply solving the problem. Begins by exploring and redefining the problem and does not eliminate alternative solutions. Focuses on solutions that makes them feel empowered, happier and more capable.


Professionally and Socially Responsible

Exhibits professionalism, integrity and ethical  behavior. Takes personal responsibility, accountability, and pride in pursuing and attaining goals and draws on gained knowledge and experience to contribute in a positive, respectful  and  ethical  manner,  both  personally  and  professionally.  Act responsibly for the benefit and welfare of society at large, and is engaged in activities that advance social goals and avoids being engaged in acts that might have a negative impact on society. Understands the importance of ethical behavior, the well‐being of people, their personal contribution to society, and taking care of the environment. Willing to share knowledge and skills with local, national and international communities for the benefit of society and the world at large.
Capable of identifying and addressing own educational needs in a changing world in ways sufficient to maintain competence for adapting to new changes in job needs and environment.

Positively Interactive

Able to maintain a cooperative and productive working relationship with others  by  practicing  common  courtesy,  communicating  in  a  respectful manner and genuinely listening to others with open mindedness and accept differences in opinions and views. Able to build a solid and lasting positive relationship with others and cultivate networks through a high standard of ethical and professional behavior, respect and trust.
Digitally EnableUses technology to enhance learning and is familiar with contemporary technology and tools to analyse and solve problems. Uses information and communication  technology  tools  for  searching,  collecting,  managing, organizing, simulating, exchanging, creating and presenting information.
Globally Aware
Understand other nations' histories, traditions and cultures enabling them to interact positively with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Thrives to be a global citizen by adapting their professional expertise in an international setting and keeping themselves updated with technological and professional developments and challenges in their own and related fields. Aware of global issues, including economic and environmental concerns.