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 Revised MS Program in MATH (approval is pending)

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MISSION: Our MS program is designed to prepare students for a variety of academic and professional careers and to train them to do research or pursue a PhD in Mathematics or related fields.

PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: The MS program aims to provide students with the Mathematical knowledge and skills needed to

[PEO1] Pursue their professional development through self-learning or pursue advanced degrees

[PEO2] Specialize in an area of Mathematics and conduct research in it

[PEO3] Attain employment in governmental or private sector, or engage in entrepreneurship

[PEO4] Advance their careers by demonstrating leadership and interpersonal skills including teamwork and communication                     skills


PROGRAM LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of the program, our graduates should be able to

[K1] Demonstrate knowledge of advanced Mathematics

[S1] Communicate advanced mathematical concepts verbally and in written form

[S2] Work in a research area of Mathematics

[S3] Manage complex ethical and professional issues and make informed judgements on ethical codes and practices