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 Old CourseFiles

Old Course Files ( Semesters : 841-to-031)

1MATH101Calculus I
2MATH102Calculus II
3MATH131Finite Mathematics
4MATH132Applied Calculus
5MATH201Calculus III
6MATH202Elements of Differential Equations
7MATH232Introduction to Sets and Structures
9MATH260Intr. to Differential Equations & Linear Algebra
10MATH280Introduction to Linear Algebra
11MATH301Methods of Applied Mathematics
12MATH302Engineering Mathematics
13MATH305Development of Mathematics
14MATH311Advanced Calculus I
15MATH321Introduction to Numerical Computing
16MATH330Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry
17MATH345Modern Algebra
21MATH401Methods of Applied Mathematics II
23MATH411Advanced Calculus II
24MATH412Advanced Calculus III
25MATH421Introduction to Topology
26MATH425Graphs Theory
27MATH430Introduction to Complex Variables
28MATH440Differential Geometry
29MATH442Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control
30MATH450Modern Algebra II
31MATH455Number Theory
32MATH460Applied Matrix Theory
33MATH465Ordinary Differential Equations
34MATH470Partial Differential Equations
35MATH471Numerical Analysis I
36MATH472Numerical Analysis II
37MATH480Linear & Nonlinear Programming
38MATH485Wavelets and Applications
39MATH490Seminar in Mathematics
40MATH495Industrial Mathematics
41MATH502General Relativity
42MATH505Mathematical Theory of Elastodynamics
43MATH513Mathematical Methods for Engineers
44MATH514Advanced Mathematical Methods
45MATH521General Topology I
46MATH527Differential Geometry
47MATH531Real Analysis
48MATH533Complex Variables I
49MATH535Functional Analysis I
50MATH536Functional Analysis II
51MATH538Applied Functional Analysis
52MATH550Linear Algebra
53MATH551Abstract Algebra
54MATH552Fields and Galois Theory
55MATH560Applied Regression and Experimental Design
56MATH565Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations I
57MATH568Advanced Partial Differential Equations I
58MATH574Num. Methods of Partial Differential Equations
59MATH575Introduction to Approximation Theory
60MATH590Special Topics in Mathematics(Variable Credit 1-3) Variable Contents
61MATH595Reading and Research I
62MATH605Asymptotoc Expansions and Perturbation Methods
64MATH611Hilbert Space Methods in Applied Mathematics I
65MATH612Hilbert Space Methods in Applied Mathematics II
68MATH674Numerical Functional Analysis
69MATH695Reading and Research I
70STAT201Introduction to Statistics
72STAT319Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
73STAT365Data Collection and Sampling Methods