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 Revised PhD Program in MATH (approval is pending)

Program I Admission Requirements I Degree Requirement I Degree Plan I Course Description

MISSION: Our PhD program is designed to provide students with advanced knowledge needed to conduct innovative research and to carry out a variety of academic and professional careers.

PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: The PhD program aims to provide students with the Mathematical knowledge and skills needed to

[PEO1] Contribute high quality research in Mathematics.

[PEO2] Teach basic as well as advanced concepts and techniques in Mathematics.

[PEO3] Work at high level positions in academic and non-academic institutions.

PROGRAM LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of the program, our graduates should be able to

[K1] Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the literature and a comprehensive understanding of methods and techniques applicable to their own research

[S1] Formulate and solve problems in a research area

[S2] Apply advanced mathematical concepts and techniques in Pure and Applied Mathematics

[S3] Demonstrate skills in oral and written communication sufficient to publish and present work in their field and to prepare grant proposals

[S4] Critically and creatively evaluate current issues, research and advanced scholarship in the discipline

[S5] Demonstrate skills in teaching basic and advanced concepts and techniques in Mathematics

[V1] Manage complex ethical and professional issues and make informed judgements on ethical codes and practices