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​​​​​​​The mission of the department is threefold: 
  • ​To provide quality teaching with the aim of establishing effective and innovative undergraduate and graduate programs that will contribute to the development of the highly trained manpower in the Kingdom.
  • To enhance fundamental and applied research to a level comparable to that of the contemporary leading centers of mathematics in the world.
  • To play an active role in the scientific and technological development of the University and the Kingdom through closer inter-departmental cooperation and development of interdisciplinary programs and through its commitment to broadening and deepening the mathematical training of students in all majors and at all levels.

BS Program Mission Statements

 The mission of the BS program in Mathematics at KFUPM is to prepare mathematically competent graduates with a sound mathematical education that enables them to fulfill needs of the Kingdom in areas related to mathematics.

The goals/objectives of the BS program in Mathematics at KFUPM are to: 
  • ​cultivate ability to communicate effectively and reason logically 
  • enable students to utilize mathematical knowledge and skills to model and solve real life problems; 
  • cprepare students with skills valuable in higher education, career in education and industry. 

Program Learning Outcomes of BS Math Program at KFUPM
  NQF Leaning Domains and Learning Outcomes
1.0 Knowledge
1.1 Demonstrate good understanding of differential, integral, and multivariable calculus.
1.2 Demonstrate acquisition of basic knowledge of abstract and linear algebra.
1.3 Show good understanding of real and complex analysis.
1.4 Show basic understanding of sets and structures.
2.0 Cognitive Skills
2.1 Effectively implement suitable techniques to solve ordinary and partial differential equations.
2.2 Analyse and solve problems in statistics.
2.3 Use mathematical reasoning and proof techniques to critically analyse and prove theorems.

Build appropriate mathematical models for real-world problems and solve them

(partially or completely) using geometric, algebraic, and numerical techniques.

3.0 Interpersonal Skills & Responsibility
3.1 Work professionally and ethically in team
4.0 Communication, Information, Technology, Numerical
4.1 Use appropriate mathematical/statistical software to solve problems.
4.2 Communicate mathematics orally and in written form.
5.0 Psychomotor
  Not Applicable​
​​​​​Undergaduate Degrees​​​​:​​   

Graduate Degrees​​​​:​​    ​​​​