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 Seminars (Mondays)

Department of Mathematics Seminars

[Monday, 1:00 PM]

Location: Buiding 5, Room 103

Term 222
​January 23, 2023

​Shahzad Sarwar

​On the variable order fractional differential equation

​January 30, 2023

​Ahmed Bonfoh

​On the million  dollar open  Navier Stokes  problem

​Term 221




Sep 5, 2022

Othman Echi

On The Digital Line and the Digital plane

Sep 12, 2022

Adel Khalfallah

Khavinson conjecture for hyperbolic harmonic functions

Sep 19, 2022

Brahim Mezerdi

An overview of stochastic control of diffusion processes

Sep 26, 2022

Ibrahim O. Sarumi

Higher-Order Methods for Time-Fractional Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equation with Time Varying Drift Term

Oct 3, 2022

Jawad Abuihlail

On semisimple Semirings

Oct 10, 2022

Muhammad Riaz

On Poisson Adaptive EWMA Control Chart for Monitoring Range of Shifts

Oct 17, 2022

Faisal A. Fairag

Preconditioning Techniques for Navier-Stokes Equations

Oct 24, 2022

Ashfaque Bokhari

A walk through from special to General Relativity

Oct 31, 2022

Mohammed Alshahrani

Optimization Algebraic Modeling

Nov 7, 2022

Muhammad Imran Qureshi

Unprojections, Tom & Jerry and Calabi-Yau manifolds

Nov 14, 2022

Nasser-Eddine Tatar

A nonlinear distributed Halanay inequality and application to NNs

Nov 21, 2022

Jimoh Olawale Ajadi


Dec 5, 2022

Maher Boudabra

On the Planar Skorkhod Embedding Problem

Dec 12, 2022

Rachid Ait-Haddou

Convergence of Dimension Elevation in Chebyshev Spaces

Dec 19, 2022

Kareem Elgindy

On the Optimal Periodic Control of a Chemostat Performance

​Term 212

DateName                             Title

Monday  Jan 24, 2022

Dr. Nasir Abbas
Process Monitoring Using Auxiliary Information

Monday Jan 31, 2022

 Dr. Salah Eddine Kabbaj

Core in Non-Noetherian Domains.

Monday   Feb. 7, 2022

Dr. Adel KhalfallahSchwarz-Pick Lemma for Harmonic and Hyperbolic Harmonic Functions

Monday  Feb. 14, 2022

Dr.  Thomas Torku

Meddle Tennessee State University, USA

Deep-Data-Driven Neural Networks for Mathematical Models

Monday   Feb.21, 2022

Dr. Jawad Younes Abuihlail

 On Semirings and Semimodules

Monday Feb.28, 2022

Dr.  Ibrahim Al-Rasasi

 A Brief History of Fermat's Last Theorem

Monday March  7, 2022

Dr. Jimoh Olwale Ajadi

A new multivariate CUSUM chart for monitoring of covariance matrix with individual observations under estimated parameter

Monday March 14, 2022

Dr. Dhaker Kroumi

Stochastic modelling of a finite structured population

Monday  March 21, 2022

 Dr. Rachid Ait-Haddou

Optimal Linear Strong Stability Preserving Methods and Poisson–Charlier Measures 

Monday  March28 , 2022

Prof. Mohamed Amine Khamsi
Department of Mathematics
Khalifa University (UAE)

Scientific Research before & after the Digital Revolution

Monday  April 4, 2022

Dr. Said Ali Al-Garni

Teaching and Learning Calculus using GeoGebra

Monday April 11, 2022

Ahmed Sanih Bonfoh

The Lorenz strange attractor

Monday April 18, 2022

Dr. N. Tatar

Study of Fractional Differential Problems---- Justifications and challenges

Monday May 9,2022

Dr. Alshahrani 

​Term -211


Name of the speaker


Monday Sep 6, 2021

Dr. Jamilu Hashim

Adaptive stabilization of a Timoshenko system by boundary feedback controls

Monday Sep 13, 2021

Dr. Yousuf Muhammad

Rationality Parameter approach for pricing American option under multi state regime switching with Jumps

Monday Sep 20, 2021

 Dr. N asser Eddine Tatar

Suitability of fractional derivatives for complex media

Monday  Sep 27, 2021

Dr. Ibrahim O. Sarumi

The python ecosystem for data science

Monday  Oct  4, 2021

Dr. Slim Belhaiza

Principal Components Analysis: Positive Definite Matrices & Singular Value Decomposition

Monday Oct. 11, 2021

Dr. Muhammad Riaz &
Dr Nasir Abbas

Effect of Phase I Outliers on Multivariate Control Charts

Monday Oct. 18, 2021

Dr. Muhammad Munir Butt

Multigrid solver for stationary Navier-Stokes control problems

Monday Oct. 25, 2021

Dr. Jaafar Al-Mutawa

Improving the efficiency of particle Kalman filter

Monday Nov 1, 2021

Dr. Mohammad Omar & Dr. Muhammad Riaz

Inverse Maxwell Distribution and Statistical Process Control: An Approach for Monitoring Positively Skewed Process

Monday  Nov 8, 2021

Dr. Faisal Fairag

Accelerating Toeplitz System Solution

Monday Nov. 15, 2021

Dr. Yousuf Muhammad

Forth order numerical scheme for two-dimensional inhomogeneous distributed-order Riesz space-fractional diffusion equation

Monday Nov. 22, 2021

Dr. Dhaker Kroumi

 Cooperation in a Phenotype Space

Monday Dec. 6, 2021

Dr. Abdallah Laradji

Combinatorial aspects of some finite transformation semigroups

Monday Dec. 20, 2021

Dr. Jae-Chean Joo

Lagrange multiplier method on a holomorphic function space