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Fixed Point Theory and Applications Research Group 


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Fixed Point Theory occupies a central place in modern mathematics and has multiple conceptual connections with numerous fields of pure and applied mathematics. It is rapidly growing and developing in many directions.

Saudi Arabia, with its vast resources, has the potential to become a leader in the region in basic sciences and mathematics which are the pillars of a knowledge-based society. KFUPM, by virtue of its highly qualified faculty and its infrastructure, can play a crucial role in this regard. Along these lines, the mathematics department has achieved the status of a leading mathematics department in the Gulf region.

In that vein, the Fixed-Point Theory & Applications Research Group (FPTARG) aims at strengthening research and graduate teaching in mathematics department as well as acquiring a national and international reputation for excellence in Fixed Point Theory and related fields. Through active collaboration with  other mathematicians and scientists around the globe, FPTARG will contribute to capacity building in basic sciences and mathematics at KFUPM and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Many members of the FPTARG have been members of the mathematics department for many years. They will continue to carry out research of high quality in Fixed Point Theory and its connections with other fields such as functional analysis, differential equations, partial differential equations, optimization, approximation theory, and topology.  FPTARG members shall also be teaching a number of introductory and advanced graduate courses in the MS and Ph.D. programs in mathematics department.