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Fixed Point Theory and Applications Research Group 


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FPTARG aims at acquiring and maintaining a national, regional and international reputation for excellence in Fixed Point Theory and Applications.


  • FPTARG will concentrate on strengthening research and graduate teaching in Department of Mathematics in these subjects such as nonlinear functional analysis, functional analysis, discrete mathematics, graph theory and mathematics at large.
  • FPTARG will also contribute, through various professional activities to capacity-building in basic sciences and mathematics in KFUPM and Saudi Arabia.

FPTARG members endorse the four objectives set by "The Guidelines for the Establishment and Funding of Research Groups at KFUPM. "Namely, they commit to:

  • Carryout research of high quality in Fixed Point Theory and related fields.

  • Build research capacity and provide high quality training and a productive research environment for promising young faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students.

  • Provide a high quality of research environment for the development and enhancement of graduate programs as well as the enhancement of undergraduate teaching at KFUPM.

  • Develop links and collaboration with renowned national and international research groups and attract leading researchers.