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On Monday, December 6, 2021 AD, the Mathematics Department received the actuarial services supervisor at Al-Khwarizmi Company for Actuarial Services, Mr. Nasser Sheikh Nasser, at the head of a delegation of company representatives.

The visit aimed to build a strong relationship between Al-Khwarizmi Company for Actuarial Services and the university in terms of employment plans, periodic visits, organizing workshops and training programs.

During a visit to the department in Building 5, the company's representatives gave a detailed presentation to introduce the actuarial science students to the company and shed light on the roles of actuaries in the current labor market.

After the show ended, the company interviewed some students from the Actuarial Science Department.

At the conclusion of the visit, company representatives and faculty members met to discuss ways to increase cooperation with the department through the Al-Khwarizmi Academy, which will be opened in the near future with the aim of supporting actuarial students and achieving a greater understanding of the actuarial field in practice.

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