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​​​Chairman’s Message
Dear Coop Student
Welcome to the Coop training program, we hope you will find it fruitful and enjoyable before you embark on your career after KFUPM.
Taking Coop training will open the door to the learning by doing environment. The coop training is another learning phase in the student’s life. We hope that the Coop training will pave the road for the student to the real working environment.
The ME Department is expecting you to take advantage of this opportunity to use it efficiently in learning and performing in a professional and ethical manner. It is your opportunity to build your communication and technical skills by interacting with technical and administrative staff in the industry.
During the coop training, kindly remember that you represent KFUPM, your Department as well as yourselves. Your professional and ethical performance will reflect on you and the University and could also affect the placement of future KFUPM students.
We are confident that you will come out of the Coop experience professionally rewarded and enriched with new experiences, and make the Department proud.
We wish you all the best.
Dr. Zuhair Gasem
ME Chairman

All students planning to register for coop training are requested to register ME414 in the semester prior to registering for the coop.​ 

ME COOP Students can download the required ​forms, from the below link​​