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 ME Coop and Internship training


Dear Training Student (Coop and Internship)

Welcome to the training program. Taking Coop and Internship training opens the door to the learning by doing environment.

The ME Department is expecting you to take advantage of this opportunity and to use it efficiently in learning and performing in a professional and ethical manner. It is your opportunity to build your communication and technical skills by interacting with technical and administrative staff in the industry.

During the training, kindly remember that you represent KFUPM, your Department as well as yourself. Your professional and ethical performance will reflect on you and the University and could also affect the placement of future KFUPM students.

Please note the following to avoid registration problems:

  • Finding a training opportunity is the responsibility of the student. In addition, follow Tadreeb website to see the updates of training opportunities.
  • The Coop and Internship can NOT be the last semester. You must plan to have at least one semester after the training.
  • Pre-requisite core courses (for example ME315) can NOT be waived based on petitions. A student must carefully plan his course registration - until graduation - to avoid delaying his training or taking an additional semester.

The cumulative GPA should be greater than 2.  ( If CGPA < 2  or MGPA < 2, a petition is required).

Internship (ME398) requirements:

  • Completing ME301, ME315, ENGL214 and BUS200 (pre-requisite courses)
  • A minimum of 80 credit hours. (earned hours)
  • Completing all 200 level courses.

COOP (ME350, ME351, ME352) requirements:

  • Completing ME307, ME309, ME 315, ME414, ENGL214 (pre-requisite courses)
  • A minimum of 80 credit hours (earned hours)
  • completing all 200 level courses.

Here are the Forms (petitions, company evolutions, etc.) related to coop and internship training (updated 2022)

MS Word Form

PDF Form