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 Chairman's Message

The Mechanical engineering department is considered presently as the largest department at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The department is receiving momentous support from the university administration that is associated with ample of hope and expectations. This has stowed tremendous responsibilities on the shoulders of all faculty members at the department to excel in all three strategic directions of the univ​ersity; Teaching, Research and Community service. Also the Mechanical department has been entrusted to lead the most important strategic collaboration in the history of the university with MIT. The collaboration started on September 2008 and spans over eight years of joint research and educational projects that extend across many departments at King Fahd University.  Teaching is the most important activity and the Mechanical Engineering Department has been consciously improving its program and updating its content and methodology. The latest update of the program is focusing on design skills at early stages of the program, new multi-disciplinary courses, and improving hands-on experience.  The department is also getting sustained support from the administration to upgrade the laboratories assuring state-of-the-art equipment being used for best hands-on experience for its distinguished students.  New teaching labs have been established in the area of design for manufacturing, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping and mechatronic. Continuous feedback from all stakeholders including ABET, NAAC, the administration, faculty members, students, industrial advisory committee, and alumni helps the department in its self assessment efforts to close the loop for sustained improvement of its educational program.  
Even though teaching is the most important activity research have been improving substantially over the past few years.  This was a natural result of improved research environment at the university with the presence of many initiatives including the deanship of scientific research, national strategic technology research programs, and programs of King AbdulAziz City of Science and Technology. The research collaboration with MIT is focusing on two of the most important strategic issues to Saudi Arabia: Water and Energy. It is hoped that new technologies will emerge from the collaborative research that would have significant contribution and impact in the fields of water desalination and renewable green energy. The mechanical engineering department as part of the university considesr the student as its most precious product and is committed to do its best to assure quality education and ethics for future leaders in their filed. We also seek to improve our contribution to the society and humanity through knowledge dissemination and new technologies.  I am proud of being part of KFUPM and the mechanical engineering department and proud of our students who are always proving that they can lead to a prosperous future of our nation.      
Dr.  Antar, Mohammed A.

 Professor, ME dept​., KFUPM