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Weekly Highlights – ME Department




  • Dr. Khaled S Al-Athel participated in the first Saudi MET: Dr. Khaled S Al-Athel, Dean – College of Engineering & physics participated in the first Saudi Mechanical Engineering Conference and Exhibition (Saudi MET) as VIP guest and panelist on Monday and Tuesday 12th & 13th December'22. Saudi Met is multidisciplinary technical event that endeavors to deepen knowledge and unlock the potential of new frontiers in mechanical equipment through research, innovation, and collaboration. The theme of this conference is "SHAPING THE FUTURE OF MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGIES".
    The conference is hosted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).


  • Dr. M. Abdul Samad was invited as keynote speaker and presented talk on "UHMWPE Polymer Composite Coatings for Tribological Applications" on 14th Dec, 2022 at International Conference on Materials Science and Technology (MatScience-2022) being held from December 13th-15th 2022, University of Abbes Laghrour, Khenchela, Algeria.
  • ME EXPO for term 221: ME Expo was held on 12th and 13th of December 2022 in the Atrium of Building 63. The ME expo is a bi-annual event in which more than 100 posters displayed the posters for the following courses:
  • ME210 Solid Works
  • ME303 / ME308 Machine Design II
  • ME495 Undergraduate Directed Research
  • ME412 / ME416 Senior Design Project II

After critical evaluation of the posters by the committees formed by the ME Department, the winners were announced and medals were distributed to the winning teams by ME Chairman, Dr. M. Antar in the venue.


  • Team visit by Al-Raqtan company: There was a team visit in ME department from Al-Raqtan company led by the CEO of the company for possible collaboration via involving our faculty and graduate students in solving their manufacturing problems as well as in their R&D to develop their existing on new products.
  • Dr. Afaque Shams and Dr. Khaled Al-Athel visit to KACST Nuclear Science Research Institute: Dr. Afaque Shams and Dr. Khaled Al-Athel visited KACST Nuclear Science Research Institute and discussed future collaborations. They also visited KACARE and met with Dr. Mohamed Garwan (Chief for Atomic Energy Oversight Bureau and Supervisor, Engineering & Project Management) and his team. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss KFUPM plans for nuclear initiatives and KACARE role in supporting the initiatives.
  • Khaled AlQarrab won the 5th place in "Diwan of Innovation" program: Al Qarrab, an undergraduate mechanical engineering student participated in the "Diwan of Innovation" program held in Riyadh organized by Mohammed bin Salman Foundation "Misk". He was among the top 5 winners. In the presence of the Chief Programs Officer at Misk Foundation, Eng. Omar Najjar, the closing ceremony was held, which included honoring the first five winners, and distributing financial prizes totaling 500,000 riyals distributed to the winning teams: Maqri team, which won first place in the field of environmental protection, seed balls team, second place winner in the field of environmental protection, BD Detector, blood disease detector, third place winner in the field of health, and expert team, fourth place winner in the field of community participation. and the Mubasar team led by Khaled AlQarrab, won fifth place in the field of community engagement.


  • ME 218 Design Competition Term 221: The ME 218 competition was held on 17th December 2022 in Building 63 Atrium. The event started from 9 am with poster/prototype evaluations and followed by design competition where each team was required to deliver package using their prototype. 23 teams were formed and each team came up with innovative designs and solutions to this challenge. The event wrapped by 11 am followed by award distribution ceremony where top 3 winners of best poster and design competition were awarded with medals. Prof. Mohammed Antar (ME Chairman) and Prof. Nesar Merah (Director, Design and Prototyping Lab) were present to grace the medal distribution ceremony along with ME 218 team (Dr. Mobeen Shaukat, Dr. Usman Ali, Mr. Sarfaraz Furquan and Mr. Mohammed Abdul Azeem). Some photos for this event can be viewed using the following link:
  • 6.jpg
  • Training session on Grading Procedure for New Instructors of ME316: A seminar was conducted by Mr. Inam Muhammad - Coordinator, ME316 Thermo-fluid Lab on thursday 22nd December 2022 at 11:00am in Room 63-005 to provide guidelines to new ME316 Instructors (Graduate Students) who are teaching ME316 for the first time on the method to manage GPA within the limit as indicated in Course description to avoid confusion and discrepancy in managing GPA.The procedure to prepare Instructor Report was also discussed.


  • Help Session by Dr. Abdulrahman Salman AlMerbati on ME 315: Dr. Abdulrahman Salman AlMerbati conducted a help session for ME315 course students which was organized by Mechanical Engineering Club, on Thursday, 22nd December, 2022 at 1:00 PM. In this session old exam problems were solved and discussed with the students covering the following topics; heat exchanger, radiation processes & properties, and radiation exchange between surfaces. In addition, Additional general questions and concepts brought by the student were also discussed.