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 Design and Prototyping

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Dr. Nesar Merah                             


Lab Coordinator: Mr. Mohammed Abdul Azeem

Lab Technician: Mr. Mohamad Hamdan Al-Katheri

Lab Location: Building 63 Room 016

Phone: +966-13-860-93060

Introduction to the Lab

This lab is designed to give sophomore students hands-on experience with design and manufacturing of prototypes and simple mechanical systems. The lab is equipped with assortment of hardware and supplies required in developing soft models or prototypes. The machines and tools provided (as mentioned below) are used for manufacturing simple and complex parts, assembling, testing and debugging.

In addition to this, the lab is well organized for students to experience teamwork dynamics, learn design process and convert their ideas into tangible products. 

Students attending this lab are competent to work in a team, can demonstrate their creativity, problem solving and prototyping skills.  

Courses supported

ME 218 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design

Safety in Lab

Safety is the top priority in the Design and Prototyping lab. The ME 218 students can freely use the equipment and tools in the lab without compromising safety.  The safety poster on the right is specified along with other safety signs in the lab to ensure safety. The lab provides PPE's to students when using machines and tools. The students are supervised by one instructor, one lab technician and a number of student mentors.

Note: Students are required to wear shoes and proper clothing before entering the lab.

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Assortment of hardware and supplies

Sheets of Aluminum, Plywood, Balsa wood, Acrylic, PVC, Polystyrene foam, Foam core, High-density foam and Cardboard. PET bottles, wood/steel dowels, springs, DC motors, Fasteners etc.

Hand Tools (Hammer, Mallet, Clamps, Screwdrivers, Pliers, Hand saw, Snips, Files, Olfa cutters etc.)

Additional Tools (Portable sanding tools, Cordless power drills, Portable jigsaws, Hot glue guns, Soldering irons, Rivet Guns etc.)

Measuring Instruments (Vernier's, micrometers, height gauges, bevel protractors, weight scales, etc.)

Laboratory equipment


Representative photos 

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