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 Dr. Al-Sarkhi, Abdelsalam


Contact Information
Office:               Bldg 63-Room 302
Phone:              +966- 13 -860- 7725
Fax:                  +966-13-860 -2949 (ME Dept)
Email: :   
Website :          Personal Page

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, OK, USA, 1999
M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science & Technology, Jordan, 1993
B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Jordan University of Science&Technology, Jordan, 1990
Courses Taught

  • ME701: Independent Research
  • ME612: Phase change heat transfer and two-phase flow
  • ME532:Advanced Fluid Mechanics
  • ME 316: ThermoFluid Lab.
  • ME311: Engineering Fluid Mechanics
  • ME203: Thermodynamics 1
  • ME438: Pumping Machinery 

Research Areas

  • Multiphase Flow
  • Experimental Fluid Dynamics (LDA, PIV, Hotwire)
  • Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics
  • Energy

Representative Publications
  • M Khalid, A Sultan, MN Noui-Mehidi, A Al-Sarkhi, O Salim: Effect of Nano-Clay Cloisite 20A on water-in-oil stable emulsion flow at different temperatures; 2020
  • M Atiqullah, AH Al-Sarkhi, FM Al-Thenayan, AR Al-Malki, HS Alasiri: Energy-Saving UHMW Polymeric Flow Aids: Catalyst and Polymerization Process Development; 2019
  • IH Alsurakji, A Al-Sarkhi, M Habib, HM Badr: An experimental study on the performance of drag-reducing polymers in single-and multiphase horizontal flow using particle image velocimetry
  • Al-Sarkhi, A ,Duc, V  Sarica, C ; Pereryra, E: Upscaling modeling using dimensional analysis in gas-liquid annular and stratified flows ,JAN 2016
  • Mukhaimer, A; Al-Sarkhi, A; El Nakla, M; Ahmed, WH; Al-Hadhrami, L; Effect of water salinity on flow pattern and pressure drop in oil-water flow; 2015
  • Al-Yaari, M; Hussein, IA; Al-Sarkhi, A; Abbad, M; Chang, F;Effect of water salinity on surfactant-stabilized water-oil emulsions flow characteristics;2015
  • Mukhaimer, A; Al-Sarkhi, A; El Nakla, M; Ahmed, WH; Al-Hadhrami, L;  Pressure drop and flow pattern of oil-water flow for low viscosity oils: Role of mixture viscosity;2015
  • El Nakla, M; Ahmed, W; Al-Sarkhi, A; Effect of Carbon Nanotube Additive on the Thermal Performance of a Horizontal V-Grooved Heat Pipe;2014
  • Ahmed, WH; Bello, MM; El Nakla, M; Al Sarkhi, A; Badr, HM; Experimental investigation of flow accelerated corrosion under two-phase flow conditions;2014
  • Al-Hadhrami, LM; Shaahid, SM; Tunde, LO; Al-Sarkhi, A;  Experimental Study on the Flow Regimes and Pressure Gradients of Air-Oil-Water Three-Phase Flow in Horizontal Pipes; 2014
  • Al-Yaari, M; Al-Sarkhi, A; Hussein, IA; Chang, F; Abbad, M ; Flow characteristics of surfactant stabilized water-in-oil emulsions; 2014
  • Al-Yaari, M; Hussein, IA; Al-Sarkhi, A ;  Pressure drop reduction of stable water-in-oil emulsions using organoclays ;2014
  • Gawas, K; Karami, H; Pereyra, E; Al-Sarkhi, A; Sarica, C ; Wave characteristics in gas-oil two phase flow and large pipe diameter ;2014