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 Dr. Al-Sulaiman Fahad

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Associate Professor    

Contact Information

Office               63-102, appointments through email.                                  

Phone              966-13-860 7322                                     

Fax                   966-13-860 7312.                         

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  • Post.Doc         Center of Clean Water and Clean Energy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, 2011-2012  (one year).
  • Ph.D.                Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 2010.                             
  • M.Sc.                Mechanical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, 2003.                
  • B.Sc.                 Mechanical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals,  2001.   

Courses Taught

  • ARE 490: Sp. Topics: Fundamental of Energy Efficiency
  • ME 203: Thermodynamics-I
  • ME 204: Thermodynamics-II
  • ME 315: Heat Transfer
  • ME 316: Thermo-fluids Laboratory
  • ME 411: Senior Design Project I (instructor)
  • ME 412: Senior Design Project II (instructor)
  • ME 413: Systems Dynamics & Control lab
  • ME 414: Senior Design Project I for AME (instructor)
  • ME 416: Senior Design Project II for AME (instructor)
  • ME 432: Internal Combustion Engines lab
  • ME 439: Solar Energy Conversion
  • ME 495: Directed Research (BSc Research Course)
  • ME 539: Solar Energy Utilization (graduate course)
  • ME 606: Independent Research (graduate research course)
  • ME 701: Directed Research I (graduate research PhD course)
  • ME 702: Directed Research II (graduate research PhD course)

Short Biography

Dr. Fahad Al-Sulaiman is the director of the Center of Research Excellence in Renewable Energy and the Director (A) of the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency, KFUPM. He received his BSc (honor) and MSc from KFUPM, and his PhD from the University of Waterloo in mechanical engineering, with specialty in Energy. After that, he joined the Center for Clean Water and Clean Energy at MIT as a postdoctoral associate for one year. Also, he was: a visiting consultant in the Rotating Equipment Department, Consulting Services Department (CSD), Saudi Aramco in the summer of 2002; a visiting professor in MIT in the summer of 2011; a visiting professor in the Solar Energy Research Institute, National University of Singapore (NUS) in the summer of 2015; a visiting professor in the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (an RIC of the University of Oxford) in the summer of 2017. He is a certified energy manager (CEM) and a certified energy auditor (CEA) by AEE. He attended more than 40 technical, self-development, leadership, and management short courses and workshops.

He has more than 100 published scientific papers and several patents. He led several research projects in energy. He was awarded the best researcher award (2016) and won the best project both from KFUPM. He is a member of the national technical Committee for the Saudi Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Energy Standards (by SASO), in addition to many other committees in KFUPM.

His research expertise includes: Solar and wind energy, cogeneration, trigeneration, water desalination, advanced thermal power cycles, electrical grid-connection of solar photovoltaics (PV) and wind energy systems, air-conditioning systems, techno-economic studies for energy systems, thermo-economic & life cycle analyses, energy efficiency, and energy policy & regulations.

Representative Publications     

The full updated list is in the personal website or Google Scholar.

Journals (selected)

  • Feasibility study of the grid connected 10MW installed capacity PV power plants in Saudi Arabia, S Rehman, MA Ahmed, MH Mohamed, FA Al-Sulaiman, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 80, 319-329, 2017.
  • Energy and Exergy Analyses of an Air Membrane Heat and Mass Exchanger for Air Conditioning Applications, FA Al-Sulaiman, Journal of Energy Engineering 143 (5), 04017028, 2017
  • A novel design of a multistage stepped bubble column humidifier for the humidification of air HM Abd-ur-Rehman, FA Al-Sulaiman, Applied Thermal Engineering 120, 530-536, 2017.
  • Exergoeconomic analysis of ejector-augmented shrouded wind turbines, FA Al-Sulaiman, Energy 128, 264–270, 2017.
  • Effect of mud drying temperature on surface characteristics of a polycarbonate PV protective cover, BS Yilbas, H Ali, F Al-Sulaiman, H Al-Qahtani, Solar Energy 143, 63-72, 2017.
  • Energy and exergy analyses of solar tower power plant driven supercritical carbon dioxide recompression cycles for six different locations, M Atif, FA Al-Sulaiman, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 68, 153-167, 2017.
  • Transparent conductive oxide films for high-performance dye-sensitized solar cells U Mehmood, M Afzaal, A Al-Ahmed, HM Yates, AS Hakeem, H Ali, F A Al-Sulaiman, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2017.
  • Comparative studies of encapsulation and glass surface modification impacts on PV performance in a desert climate, HM Walwil, A Mukhaimer, FA Al-Sulaiman, SAM Said, Solar Energy 142, 288-298, 2017.
  • Energy analysis of a solar driven cogeneration system using supercritical CO 2 power cycle and MEE-TVC desalination system, A Kouta, FA Al-Sulaiman, M Atif, Energy 119, 996-1009, 2017.
  • Performance and cost assessment of solar driven humidification dehumidification desalination system, MI Zubair, FA Al-Sulaiman, MA Antar, SA Al-Dini, NI Ibrahim, Energy Conversion and Management 132, 28-39.
  • Global solar radiation and energy yield estimation from photovoltaic power plants for small loads, AZ Sahin, S Rehman, F Al-Sulaiman, International Journal of Green Energy, 14, 490-498, 2017.
  • Characterization of dust collected from PV modules in the area of Dhahran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its impact on protective transparent covers for photovoltaic applications, U Mehmood, FA Al-Sulaiman, BS Yilbas, Solar Energy 141, 203-209, 2017.
  • On the auxiliary boiler sizing assessment for solar driven supercritical CO 2 double recompression Brayton cycles, FA Al-Sulaiman, Applied Energy 183, 408-418, 2016.
  • An experimental investigation of a novel design air humidifier using direct solar thermal heating, HM Abd-ur-Rehman, FA Al-Sulaiman, Energy Conversion and Management 127, 667-678, 2016.
  • Performance assessment of water production from solar cooling system in humid climate, NI Ibrahim, FA Al-Sulaiman, R Saidur, Energy Conversion and Management 127, 647-655, 2016.
  • Optimum selection of solar water heating (SWH) systems based on their comparative techno-economic feasibility study for the domestic sector of Saudi Arabia, HM Abd-ur-Rehman, FA Al-Sulaiman, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 62, 336-349, 2016.
  • Entropy, exergy, and cost analyses of solar driven cogeneration systems using supercritical CO 2 Brayton cycles and MEE-TVC desalination system, A Kouta, F Al-Sulaiman, M Atif, SB Marshad, Energy Conversion and Management 115, 253-264, 2016.
  • Development of a thermal model for a hybrid photovoltaic module and phase change materials storage integrated in buildings, MA Kibria, R Saidur, FA Al-Sulaiman, MMA Aziz, Solar Energy 124, 114-123, 2016.
  • Surface Characteristics of Silicon Nanowires/Nanowalls Subjected to Octadecyltrichlorosilane Deposition and n-octadecane Coating, BS Yilbas, B Salhi, MR Yousaf, F Al-Sulaiman, H Ali, N Al-Aqeeli, Scientific Reports ( Nature) 6, 2016.
  • Thermoeconomic analysis of shrouded wind turbines, FA Al-Sulaiman, BS Yilbas, Energy Conversion and Management 96, 599-604, 2016.
  • Humidification dehumidification desalination system using parabolic trough solar air collector, FA Al-Sulaiman, MI Zubair, M Atif, P Gandhidasan, SA Al-Dini, MA Antar, Applied Thermal Engineering 75, 809-816, 2015.
  • Techno-economic performance analysis of parabolic trough collector in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, EMA Mokheimer, YN Dabwan, MA Habib, SAM Said, FA Al-Sulaiman, Energy Conversion and Management 86, 622-633, 2014.
  • Exergy analysis of parabolic trough solar collectors integrated with combined steam and organic Rankine cycles,  FA Al-Sulaiman, Energy Conversion and Management 77, 441-449, 2014.
  • Thermoeconomic optimization of three trigeneration systems using organic Rankine cycles: Part II–Applications, FA Al-Sulaiman, I Dincer, F Hamdullahpur, Energy Conversion and Management 69, 209-216, 2013.
  • Thermoeconomic optimization of three trigeneration systems using organic Rankine cycles: Part I–Formulations,  FA Al-Sulaiman, I Dincer, F Hamdullahpur, Energy Conversion and Management 69, 199-208, 2013.
  • Exergy analysis of a high-temperature-steam-driven, varied-pressure, humidification–dehumidification system coupled with reverse osmosis, FA Al-Sulaiman, GP Narayan, JH Lienhard, Applied energy 103, 552-561, 2013.
  • Performance assessment of a novel system using parabolic trough solar collectors for combined cooling, heating, and power production, FA Al-Sulaiman, F Hamdullahpur, I Dincer, Renewable Energy 48, 161-172, 2012.
  • Energy and exergy analyses of a biomass trigeneration system using an organic Rankine cycle, FA Al-Sulaiman, I Dincer, F Hamdullahpur, Energy 45 (1), 975-985, 2012.
  • Greenhouse gas emission and exergy assessments of an integrated organic Rankine cycle with a biomass combustor for combined cooling, heating and power production, FA Al-Sulaiman, F Hamdullahpur, I Dincer, Applied Thermal Engineering 31 (4), 439-446, 2011.
  • Energy analysis of a trigeneration plant based on solid oxide fuel cell and organic Rankine cycle FA Al-Sulaiman, I Dincer, F Hamdullahpur,  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 35 (10), 5104-5113, 2011. 
  • Trigeneration: a comprehensive review based on prime movers, FA Al-Sulaiman, F Hamdullahpur, I Dincer,  International Journal of Energy Research 35 (3), 233-258, 2011.


  • System and Method Using Solar Thermal Energy for Power, Cogeneration and/or Poly-Generation Using Supercritical Brayton Cycles, Fahad A Al-Sulaiman, US9500185 B2, Granted, 2016.
  • Methods of Humidification- Dehumidification Using Bubbles Vapor Generator in Stepped Configuration,  Fahad A. Al-Sulaiman and Mohamed A. Antar, US20150353377, Granted, 2017.
  • Integrated Solar Absorption Heat Pump System, Nasiru I Ibrahim, Fahad A Al-Sulaiman, P.  Gandhidasan, US20170138649, filed, US Patent Office.
  • Solar Chimney Augmentation for Power Production, Fahad A Al-Sulaiman, filed. US Patent Office.
  • Water Desalination Using Solar Energy with thermal Storage Option, Fahad A Al-Sulaiman, M Antar, M Ifras Zubair, Salem Al-Dini, filed, US Patent Office. 
  • Augmentation of Solar Chimney for Power Production Using Fresnel Lens, Fahad A Al-Sulaiman, Disclosed.
  • ​Hybrid Desalination and Air Conditioning System, M. Antar, DU Lawal, Atia Khalifa, S M. Zubair, Fahad A Al-Sulaiman, Disclosed.