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 Dr. Bahaidarah, Haitham


Associate Professor 
Contact Information

Office               Bldg-63 Room-202                              
Phone              966-13-860 1747                                      
Fax                  966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                 
Websites          Personal Page

Ph.D.                (Mechanical Engineering), Texas A&M University, College Station, TX,2004                        
M.Sc.               (Mechanical Engineering), King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran,1999 
B.Sc                 (Mechanical Engineering), King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran,1996                                      
Courses Taught

  • ME 203             Thermodynamic I
  • ME 204             Thermodynamic II
  • ME 311             Fluid Mechanics
  • ME 315             Heat Transfer
  • ME 316             Thermo-Fluid Lab
  • ME 351             Applied Mechanical Eng. Co-op (Coordinator)
  • ME 411-412       Senior Design Project
  • ME 415             Applied Senior Design Project

Research Areas

Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow, Numerical Techniques, Heat Exchangers, Grid Generation Techniques

Representative Publications      
Journal Publications
  • Rafique, MM; Gandhidasan, P; Bahaidarah, HMS ;  Liquid desiccant materials and dehumidifiers - A review ;2016
  • Bahaidarah, HMS; Baloch, AAB; Gandhidasan, P ; Uniform cooling of photovoltaic panels: A review ;2016
  • Bahaidarah, HM; Tanweer, B; Gandhidasan, P; Rehman, S ; A Combined Optical, Thermal and Electrical Performance Study of a V-Trough PV System-Experimental and Analytical Investigations ;2015
  • Baloch, AAB; Bahaidarah, HMS; Gandhidasan, P; Al-Sulaiman, FA ;  Experimental and numerical performance analysis of a converging channel heat exchanger for PV cooling ;2015
  • ul Qadir, N; Said, SAM; Bahaidarah, HM ; Structural stability of metal organic frameworks in aqueous media - Controlling factors and methods to improve hydrostability and hydrothermal cyclic stability ;2015
  • Bahaidarah, HM; Tanweer, B; Gandhidasan, P; Ibrahim, N; Rehman, S ; Experimental and numerical study on non-concentrating and symmetric unglazed compound parabolic photovoltaic concentration systems ;2014
  • Hossain, MK; Drmosh, QA; Mukhaimer, AW; Bahaidarah, HM ; Silver nanoparticles on conducting electrode: a simple two-step process for realizing plasmonic solar cell design ;2014
Conferences Publications
  • Haitham M.S. Bahaidarah, N.K. Anand, and H.C. Chen "Flow and Heat Transfer over a series of In-Line Cylinders Confined in a Channel". 41st Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Sciences, Lincoln, NE October10-13, 2004.
  • Haitham M.S. Bahaidarah, O. Duffuaa, and N.K. Anand, " Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wavy Channels with Converging-Diverging Sharp Edge" Fifth International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, Canmore, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 18-22, 2007.