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 Dr. Ben-Mansour, Rached

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Associate Professor
Contact Information

Office               Bldg-63 Room-212                              
Phone              966-13-860 2014                                      
Fax                   966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                 
Websites          Personal page                         

Ph.D.                (Mechanical Engineering), Purdue University, USA, 1993                           
M.Sc.                (Mechanical Engineering), Purdue University, USA, 1987                         
B.Sc                 (Mechanical Engineering), Purdue University, USA, 1985  
Courses Taught

  • ME 311 Fluid Mechanics
  • ME 315: Heat Transfer
  • ME 438: Pumping Machinery
  • ME 411: Senior Design Project I
  • ME 412: Senior Design Project II
  • ME 413: System Dynamics and Control
  • ME 415: Senior Design Project
  • ME 501: Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering
  • MATH574:  Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (Double Listed with ME 501)
  • ME 505: Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • CHE 505: Computational Fluid Dynamics (Double Listed with ME 505)
  • ME 532: Advanced Fluid Mechanics I
  • ME 535: Radiation Heat Transfer
  • ME 610: Independent Research (for MSME Students)
  • ME 701: Independent Research I (for PhD Students)
  • ME 702: Independent Research I (for PhD Students)

Research Areas

  • Hydrogen separation and Hydrogen-enriched combustion
  • Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
  • CO2 Adsorption
  • Carbon Capture
  • Modeling of Oxy-fuel Combustion and Oxygen Separation
  • Renewable-energy driven Desalination
  • Modeling of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems

Representative Publications

  • Rached Ben-Mansour, Ahmed Abuelyamen, Naef AA Qasem, Thermal design and management towards high capacity CO2 adsorption systems, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol 212, pp, 112796, 2020.
  • Rached Ben-Mansour, Ahmed Abuelyamen, Mohammed. A. Habib, CFD Modeling of Hydrogen Separation through Pd-based Membrane, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2020.
  • Ahmed S Abdelrazik, FA Al-Sulaiman, R Saidur, R Ben-Mansour, Evaluation of the effects of optical filtration and nanoPCM on the performance of a hybrid photovoltaic-thermal solar collector, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 195, pp 139-156, 2109.
  • R Ben-Mansour, MA Habib, OE Bamidele, M Basha, NAA Qasem, A Peedikakkal, T Laoui, M Ali, Carbon capture by physical adsorption: materials, experimental investigations and numerical modeling and simulations–a review, Applied Energy, Vol. 161, pp.  225-255, 2016.
  • R Ben-Mansour, MA Habib, A Khalifa, K Youcef-Toumi, D Chatzigeorgiou, Computational fluid dynamic simulation of small leaks in water pipelines for direct leak pressure transduction, Computers & Fluids, Vol. 57, pp. 110-123, 2012.