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 Dr. Habib, Mohamed A.


Contact Information

Office               Bldg-63 Room-348                             
Phone               966-13-860 4467                                      
Fax                   966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                 
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Ph.D.                Mechanical Engineering), Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, 1980.                               
M.Sc.               (Mechanical Engineering), Cairo University, Egypt, 1976                          
B.Sc                 (Mechanical Engineering), Cairo University, Egypt, 1974.                          
Courses Taught

  • ME 203             Thermodynamics I                                  
  • ME 204             Thermodynamics II                                 
  • ME 311             Fluid Mechanics                                     
  • ME 315             Heat Transfer                             
  • ME 427             Turbomachinery                          
  • ME 432             Internal Combustion Engines                               
  • ME 437             Design and Rating of Heat Exchangers                           
  • ME 510             Numerical Methods in ME                                   
Research Areas

Recirculating turbulent flow, Numerical predictions, Swirl flows, Reacting flow,Forced/Natural
Convection heat transfer, Erosion in heat exchangers.    
Representative Publications

  • Ben-Mansour, R; Habib, MA; Bamidele, OE; Basha, M; Qasem, NAA; Peedikakkal, A; Laoui, T; Ali, M; Carbon capture by physical adsorption: Materials, experimental investigations and numerical modeling and simulations - A review;2016
  • Mezghani, K; Hamza, A; Habib, MA; Lee, D; Shao-Horn, Y;  Effect of microstructure and thickness on oxygen permeation of La2NiO4+delta membranes;2016
  • Shanbhogue, SJ; Sanusi, YS; Taamallah, S; Habib, MA; Mokheimer, EMA; Ghoniem, AF;  Flame macrostructures, combustion instability and extinction strain scaling in swirl-stabilized premixed CH4/H-2 combustion;2016​
  • Nemitallah, MA; Kewlani, G; Hong, S; Shanbhogue, SJ; Habib, MA; Ghoniem, AF; Investigation of a turbulent premixed combustion flame in a backward-facing step combustor; effect of equivalence ratio;2016
  • Habib, MA; Salaudeen, SA; Nemitallah, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Mokheimer, EMA;  Numerical investigation of syngas oxy-combustion inside a LSCF-6428 oxygen transport membrane reactor;2016
  • Mokheimer, EMA; Al-Sharafi, A; Habib, MA; Alzaharnah, I; A New Study for Hybrid PV/Wind off-Grid Power Generation Systems with the Comparison of Results from Homer;2015
  • Said, SAM; Simakov, DSA; Mokheimer, EMA; Habib, MA; Ahmed, S; Waseeuddin, M; Roman-Leshkov, Y;Computational fluid dynamics study of hydrogen generation by low temperature methane reforming in a membrane reactor;2015​
  • Taamallah, S; LaBry, ZA; Shanbhogue, SJ; Habib, MAM; Ghoniem, AF; Correspondence Between "Stable" Flame Macrostructure and Thermo-Acoustic Instability in Premixed Swirl-Stabilized Turbulent Combustion;2015
  • Habib, MA; Nemitallah, MA; Design of an ion transport membrane reactor for application in fire tube boilers;2015
  • Mokheimer, EMA; Dabwan, YN; Habib, MA; Said, SAM; Al-Sulaiman, FA; Development and assessment of integrating parabolic trough collectors with steam generation side of gas turbine cogeneration systems in Saudi Arabia;2015
  • Ben-Mansour, R; Bamidele, OE; Habib, MA; Evaluation of Mg-MOF-74 for post-combustion carbon dioxide capture through pressure swing adsorption;2015
  • Alzahrani, FM; Sanusi, YS; Vogiatzaki, K; Ghoniem, AF; Habib, MA; Mokheimer, EMA; Evaluation of the Accuracy of Selected Syngas Chemical Mechanisms;2015
  • Habib, MA; Nemitallah, MA; Ahmed, P; Sharqawy, MH; Badr, HM; Muhammad, I; Yaqub, M;Experimental analysis of oxygen-methane combustion inside a gas turbine reactor under various operating conditions;2015
  •  Habib, MA; Tahir, F; Nemitallah, MA; Ahmed, WH; Badr, HM;Experimental and numerical analysis of oxy-fuel combustion in a porous plate reactor;2015
  •  Habib, MA; Ahmed, P; Ben-Mansour, R; Mezghani, K; Alam, Z; Shao-Horn, Y; Ghoniem, AF;Experimental and Numerical Investigation of La2NiO4 Membranes for Oxygen Separation: Geometry Optimization and Model Validation; 2015
  • Nemitallah, MA; Habib, MA; Mezghani, K;Experimental and numerical study of oxygen separation and oxy-combustion characteristics inside a button-cell LNO-ITM reactor;2015
  • Sanusi, YS; Habib, MA; Mokheimer, EMA;  Experimental Study on the Effect of Hydrogen Enrichment of Methane on the Stability and Emission of Nonpremixed Swirl Stabilized Combustor;2015
  • Taamallah, S; Vogiatzaki, K; Alzahrani, FM; Mokheimer, EMA; Habib, MA; Ghoniem, AF;  Fuel flexibility, stability and emissions in premixed hydrogen-rich gas turbine combustion: Technology, fundamentals, and numerical simulations; 2015
  • Zohir, AE; Aziz, AAA; Habib, MA;Heat transfer characteristics and pressure drop of the concentric tube equipped with coiled wires for pulsating turbulent flow; 2015
  • Zohir, AE; Habib, MA; Nemitallah, MA;  Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger Equipped with Coiled Circular Wires ;2015
  • Imteyaz, B; Habib, MA; Nemitallah, MA; Jamal, A;  Investigation of liquid ethanol evaporation and combustion in air and oxygen environments inside a 25 kW vertical reactor; 2015
  • Nemitallah, MA; Habib, MA; Ben Mansour, R; El Nakla, M;  Numerical predictions of flow boiling characteristics: Current status, model setup and CFD modeling for different non-uniform heating profiles; 2015
  • Mokheimer, EMA; Hussain, MI; Ahmed, S; Habib, MA; Al-Qutub, AA;   On the Modeling of Steam Methane Reforming; 2015
  • Said, SAM; Ben-Mansour, R; Habib, MA; Siddiqui, MU; Reducing the flow mal-distribution in a heat exchanger;2015
  • Ben-Manosur, R; Ahmed, P; Habib, MA;   Simulation of Oxy-Fuel Combustion of Heavy Oil Fuel in a Model Furnace; 2015
  • Nemitallah, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Habib, MA; Ahmed, WH; Toor, IH; Gasem, ZM; Badr, HM;  Solid Particle Erosion Downstream of an Orifice; 2015
  • Imteyaz, B; Habib, MA ;  Study of Combustion Characteristics of Ethanol at Different Dilution With the Carrier Gas; 2015
  • Elshafei, M; Habib, MA; Al-Zaharnah, I; Nemitallah, MA ; Boilers Optimal Control for Maximum Load Change Rate; 2014
  • Ben-Mansour, R; Habib, MA; Nemitallah, MA; Rajhi, M; Suara, KA ; Characteristics of Oxyfuel and Air-Fuel Combustion in an Industrial Water Tube Boiler ;2014
  • Habib, MA; Nemitallah, MA; El-Nakla, M ;  Current status of CHF predictions using CFD modeling technique and review of other techniques especially for non-uniform axial and circumferential heating profiles ;2014
  • Nemitallah, MA; Habib, MA; Ben-mansour, R; Ghoniem, AF ; Design of an ion transport membrane reactor for gas turbine combustion application ;2014
  •  Malik, J; Toor, IH; Ahmed, WH; Gasem, ZM; Habib, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Badr, HM ;  Evaluating the Effect of Hardness on Erosion Characteristics of Aluminum and Steels ;2014
  • Rajhi, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Habib, MA; Nemitallah, MA; Andersson, K ; Evaluation of gas radiation models in CFD modeling of oxy-combustion ;2014
  • Habib, MA; Said, SA; Khalifa, A; Nemitallah, MA; Ayinde, T ; Experimental Investigation of the Flow Maldistribution Inside an Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger ;2014
  • Malik, J; Toor, IH; Ahmed, WH; Gasem, ZM; Habib, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Badr, HM ;  Investigations on the Corrosion-Enhanced Erosion Behavior of Carbon Steel AISI 1020 ;2014
  • Farooqui, AE; Badr, HM; Habib, MA; Ben-Mansour, R ; Numerical investigation of combustion characteristics in an oxygen transport reactor ;2014
  • Habib, MA; Mokheimer, EMA; Sanusi, SY; Nemitallah, MA ; Numerical investigations of combustion and emissions of syngas as compared to methane in a 200 MW package boiler ;2014
  • Mokheimer, EMA; Dabwan, YN; Habib, MA; Said, SAM; Al-Sulaiman, FA ; Techno-economic performance analysis of parabolic trough collector in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia ;2014​


  • Recipient of the Distinguished Research Award for the academic year 1994-1995, KFUPM.
  • Selected as Distinguished Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Department, KFUPM, for the academic years 1993-1994 and 1994-1995.
  • Selected as Distinguished Instructor, College of Engineering Sciences, KFUPM, for the academic year 1993-1994
  • Selected as Distinguished Academic Advisor, Mechanical Engineering Department, KFUPM, for the academic year 1994-1995.