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 Dr. Yilbas, Bekir S.


Distinguished Professor  

Contact Information

Office                        Bldg-63Room-353      
Phone                       966-3-860 4481         
Fax                           966-3-860 2949 (ME Dept)       
Websites                   Personal Page

D. Eng. (Doctor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering), Birmingham University, UK, 2005         
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), Birmingham University, UK, 1982         
M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering), Birmingham University, UK, 1978      
B.Sc (Mechanical Engineering), Birmingham University, UK, 1976       
​Courses Taught

  • ME 204 Thermodynamics II
  • ME 311 Fluid Mechanics
  • ME 422 Propulsion Systems
  • ME 425 Compressible Fluid Flow
  • ME 611 Statistical Thermodynamics
  • ME 612 Phase Change Heat Transfer and Two Phase Flow
Research Areas

Thermal Material Processing, Renewable Energy, Laser Machining, Laser Induced Interactions, Heating and Cooling Systems, and Surface Engineering
Representative Publications  

  • Yilbas, BS; Ali, H; Karatas, C ; [INVITED] Laser gas assisted treatment of Ti-alloy: Analysis of surface characteristics; 2016
  • Yilbas, BS; Ali, H; Al-Aqeeli, N; Karatas, C ;Laser treatment of Inconel 718 alloy and surface characteristics ;2016
  • Adesina, AY; Alzaharnah, IT; Yilbas, BS ;  Effects of Laser Welding Parameters on the Flexural Characteristics of Laser Welded AISI 316L Stainless Steel Plates;2016
  • Yilbas, BS; Ali, H; Al-Aqeeli, N; Abu-Dheir, N; Khaled, M ; Influence of mud residues on solvent induced crystalized polycarbonate surface used as PV protective cover; 2016
  • Al-Sharafi, A; Ali, H; Yilbas, BS; Sahin, AZ; Khaled, M; Al-Aqeeli, N; Al-Sulaiman, F ;  Influence of thermalcapillary and buoyant forces on flow characteristics in a droplet on hydrophobic surface; 2016
  •  Yilbas, BS; Ali, H; Khaled, M; Al-Aqeeli, N; Al-Sulaiman, F ; Laser gas assisted texturing of alumina surfaces and effects of environmental dry mud solution on surface characteristics; 2016
  • Zafar, H; Saklakoglu, N; Irizalp, SG; Khan, S; Shuja, SZ; Boran, K; Yilbas, BS ; Laser Shock Processing of 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy: Thermal Modelling and Analysis ;2016
  • Yilbas, BS; Ali, H ;Laser texturing of Hastelloy C276 alloy surface for improved hydrophobicity and friction coefficient ;2016
  • Yilbas, BS; Akhtar, SS; Karatas, C; Boran, K ; Laser treatment of dual matrix cast iron with presence of WC particles at the surface: Influence of self-annealing on stress fields; 2016
  • Ali, H; Yilbas, BS; Al-Dweik, AY ; Non-equilibrium energy transport and entropy production due to laser short-pulse irradiation ;2016
  • Owais, A; Khaled, MM; Yilbas, BS; Abu-Dheir, N; Varanasi, KK; Toumi, KY ; Surface and wetting characteristics of textured bisphenol-A based polycarbonate surfaces: Acetone-induced crystallization texturing methods ;2016
  • Yilbas, BS; Ali, H; Khaled, M; Al-Aqeeli, N; Abu-Dheir, N; Varanasi, KK ; Characteristics of laser textured silicon surface and effect of mud adhesion on hydrophobicity ;2015
  • Ylbas, BS; Ali, H ; Closed Form Solution for Temperature Rise in a Two Layer Assembly During Laser Step Input Pulse Heating with the Presence of Convection Cooling at Surface ;2015
  •  Islam, S; Dincer, I; Yilbas, BS .; Energetic and exergetic performance analyses of a solar energy-based integrated system for multigeneration including thermoelectric generators ;2015
  • Ali, H; Yilbas, BS ;Energy transport across thin silicon-diamond films pair with minute vacuum gap at the interface ;2015
  • Shuja, SZ; Yilbas, BS; Kassas, M ;Entropy generation due flow passing over the porous block in the cavity ;2015
  • Sunar, M; Sahin, AZ; Yilbas, BS ; Entropy generation rate in a mechanical system subjected to a damped oscillation; 2015
  • Ali, H; Yilbas, BS; Sahin, AZ ; Exergy analysis of a thermoelectric power generator: influence of bi-tapered pin geometry on device characteristics; 2015
  • Sahin, AZ; Yilbas, BS ; First- and second-law analyses of thermal power plants in connection with irreversibility ratio ;2015
  • Shuja, SZ; Yilbas, BS; Heat Transfer Characteristics of Laser Gas-assisted Drilling into Alumina Coated Carbon Steel Sheet; 2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Toor, IH; Patel, F; Al-Shehri, Y; Baig, MA ; HVOF Diamalloy 2002 coating of steel surface: electrochemical corrosion resistance ;2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Ali, H; Khaled, MM; Al-Aqeeli, N; Abu-Dheir, N; Varanasi, KK ;Influence of dust and mud on the optical, chemical, and mechanical properties of a pv protective glass ;2015
  • Akhtar, SS; Yilbas, BS; Karatas, C ;  Laser assisted nitriding of nickel-chromium-based superalloy surface: Heating and diffusion analysis ;2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Patel, F; Karatas, C ;Laser controlled melting of H12 hot-work tool steel with B4C particles at the surface ;2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Akhtar, SS; Keles, O ;  Laser cutting of small diameter hole in aluminum foam; 2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Akhtar, SS; Keles, O; Boran, K ;Laser cutting of triangular geometry into 2024 aluminum alloy: Influence of triangle size on thermal stress field; 2015
  • Shuja, SZ; Yilbas, BS ; Laser heating of a moving slab: Influence pulse intensity parameter on temperature and stress fields ;2015
  • Bin Mansoor, S; Yilbas, BS ; Laser short-pulse heating of an aluminum thin film: Energy transfer in electron and lattice sub-systems ;2015
  • Shuja, SZ; Yilbas, BS; Aleem, BJA ; Laser Sintering of Tungsten Carbide Particles on AISI 304 Steel Surfaces: Modelling of the Temperature Field ;2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Karatas, C; Karakoc, H; Aleem, BJA; Khan, S; Al-Aqeeli, N ;  Laser surface treatment of aluminum based composite mixed with B4C particles ;2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Toor, I; Karatas, C; Malik, J; Ovali, I ; Laser treatment of dual matrix structured cast iron surface: Corrosion resistance of surface ;2015
  • Yilbas, BS; Toor, I; Malik, J; Patel, F ;  Laser treatment of high strength low alloy steel and electrochemical response of the surface ;2015​

  • James Watt Award, 1978, by the ME Department of Birmingham University
  • President of India’s Prize for 1988, by the Indian Government
  • Technology Prize for 1990, by the Science and Technology Foundation of Turkey
  • Best Research Awards for 1997, 2002 and 2007 by the King Fahd Univeristy of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)
  • Silver Jubilee Medal for the outstanding achievements in Materials and Manufacturing 2005, awarded by Silesian University of Technology, Poland
  • Doctor of Engineering Degree by Birmingham University in 2005. Doctor of Engineering degree is considered as the highest doctorate degree being awarded after obtaining the Ph.D. degree from Engineering Faculty at Birmingham University in UK.
  • Donald Julius Groen Prize for 2007, awarded by Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Manufacturing Industries Division, UK
  • Distinguished University Professor award at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, 2008 – 2011
  • Professor W. Johson International Gold Medal, awarded by the Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies (AMPT) Steering Committee during the AMPT 2008 Conference, 2nd Nov. 2008, Bahrain