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 Dr. Zubair, Syed M.


Distinguished Professor      
Contact Information

Office               Bldg-63 Room-357                                
Phone              966-13-860 3135                                      
Fax                  966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                 
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Ph.D.                (Mechanical Engineering), Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA, 1985
M.Sc.               (Mechanical Engineering), King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, 1980
B.Sc                 (Mechanical Engineering), Engineering University, Lahore, Pakistan, 1978    
Courses Taught

  • ME 203             Thermodynamics I
  • ME 204             Thermodynamics II
  • ME 311             Fluid Mechanics
  • ME 315             Heat Transfer
  • ME 430             Air Conditioning
  • ME 431             Refrigeration
  • ME 437             Design and Rating of Heat Exchangers
  • ME 439             Solar Energy Conversion
  • ME 531             Advanced Thermodynamics
  • ME 534             Conduction Heat Transfer
  • ME 539             Solar Energy Utilization
  • ME 599             Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers

Research Areas
Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

Representative Publications

  • Qureshi, BA; Zubair, SM ; Exergetic efficiency of NF, RO and EDR desalination plants ;2016
  • Thiel, GP; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, JH ; An Analysis of Likely Scalants in the Treatment of Produced Water From Nova Scotia ;2015
  • Siddiqui, OK; Qureshi, BA; Zubair, SM ; Dew point refrigeration systems: Normalized sensitivity analysis and impact of fouling ;2015
  • Qureshi, BA; Zubair, SM ;  Exergetic analysis of a brackish water reverse osmosis desalination unit with various energy recovery systems ;2015
  • Chehayeb, KM; Narayan, GP; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, JH ; Thermodynamic balancing of a fixed-size two-stage humidification dehumidification desalination system ;2015
  • Qureshi, BA; Zubair, SM ; Thermoeconomic considerations in the allocation of heat transfer inventory for irreversible refrigeration and heat pump systems ;2015
  • Aminuddin, M; Zubair, SM ; Characterization of various losses in a cryogenic counterflow heat exchanger ;2014
  • Qureshi, BA; Antar, MA; Zubair, SM ; Heat exchanger inventory cost optimization for power cycles with one feedwater heater ;2014
  • McGovern, RK; Weiner, AM; Sun, LG; Chambers, CG; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, JH ;On the cost of electrodialysis for the desalination of high salinity feeds ;2014
  • Sharqawy, MH; Antar, MA; Zubair, SM; Elbashir, AM ;  Optimum thermal design of humidification dehumidification desalination systems ;2014
  • Tirmizi, SA; Siddiqui, OK; Gandhidasan, P; Zubair, SM ; Performance analysis of an ejector cooling system with a conventional chilled water system; 2014
  • Qureshi, BA; Zubair, SM ; Predicting the impact of heat exchanger fouling in refrigeration systems ;2014
  • Pashah, S; Zubair, SM; Arif, AFM ; Study of coating effects on variable profile annular fins when subjected to dehumidifying operating conditions ;2014
  • McGovern, RK; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, VJH ;The benefits of hybridising electrodialysis with reverse osmosis ;2014
  • McGovern, RK; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, JH ; The cost effectiveness of electrodialysis for diverse salinity applications ;2014
  • Qureshi, BA; Zubair, SM ;The impact of fouling on the condenser of a vapor compression refrigeration system: An experimental observation ;2014
  • Thiel, GP; McGovern, RK; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, JH ; Thermodynamic equipartition for increased second law efficiency ;2014
  • McGovern, RK; Mizerak, JP; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, JH ;  Three dimensionless parameters influencing the optimal membrane orientation for forward osmosis ;2014
  • Chehayeb, KM; Narayan, GP; Zubair, SM; Lienhard, JH ;  Use of multiple extractions and injections to thermodynamically balance the humidification dehumidification desalination system ;2014​


  • Distinguished Teacher Award, College of Engineering Sciences, KFUPM, 1991-1992
  • Distinguished Researcher Award, KFUPM, 1992-1993
  • Distinguished Researcher Award, KFUPM, 1997-1998
  • Best Applied Research Project Award on Electrical and Physical properties of Soils in Saudi Arabia, from GCC-CIGRE Group, 1993​