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 Dr. Zuhair Mattoug Gasem


Associate Professor    
Contact Information                  

Office                         Bldg-63 Room-347                                
Phone                        966-13-860 2569
Fax                            966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                               
Websites                   Personal Page
Ph.D.    Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia, Charlottesville-Virginia, USA ,1999.                              
M.Sc.    Metallurgy, University of Connecticut, Storrs-Connecticut, USA, 1994.                            
M.Sc.    Mechanical Engineering, KFUPM,1992.                          
B.Sc      Mechanical Engineering, KFUPM,1989.                          
Courses Taught

  • ME 205                     Materials Science                                
  • ME 215                     Materials Science                                
  • ME 472                     Corrosion Engineering                         
  • ME 474                     Physical Metallurgy                             
  • ME 476                     Non-Metallic Materials                          
  • ME 574                     Advanced Materials Science                            
  • ME 575                     Advanced Corrosion Engineering                                 
  • ME 579                     Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials                  

Research Areas

Fatigue and fracture: metallic alloys and metallic matrix composites

Metallurgy and mechanical properties: ferrous alloys and Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Aqueous Corrosion, High Temperature Corrosion

Environment assisted cracking of metallic alloys (SCC and hydrogen embrittlement)

Metallurgical failure analysis

Thermal spray coatings

Materials characterization techniques including scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and transmission electron microscopy
Representative Publications   

  • Kumar, AM; Rahman, MM; Gasem, ZM ; A promising nanocomposite from CNTs and nanoceria: nanostructured fillers in polyurethane coatings for surface protection ;2015
  • Umoren, SA; Obot, IB; Gasem, ZM ; Adsorption and corrosion inhibition characteristics of strawberry fruit extract at steel/acids interfaces: experimental and theoretical approaches ;2015
  • Umoren, SA; Gasem, ZM; Obot, IB ;  Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) leaf extract as an eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in 1M hydrochloric acid solution ;2015
  • Obot, IB; Macdonald, DD; Gasem, ZM ; Density functional theory (DFT) as a powerful tool for designing new organic corrosion inhibitors. Part 1: An overview ;2015
  • Umoren, SA; Obot, IB; Madhankumar, A; Gasem, ZM ; Effect of degree of hydrolysis of polyvinyl alcohol on the corrosion inhibition of steel: theoretical and experimental studies ;2015
  • Kumar, AM; Gasem, ZM ;  Effect of functionalization of carbon nanotubes on mechanical and electrochemical behavior of polyaniline nanocomposite coatings ;2015
  • Hassan, SF; Tun, KS; Gasem, ZM; Al-Aqeeli, N; Gupta, M ; Effect of hybrid reinforcement on the high temperature tensile behavior of magnesium nanocomposite ;2015
  • Umoren, S; Obot, IB; Gasem, Z; Odewunmi, NA ;  Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Red Apple Fruit Extract as Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in HCl Solution ;2015
  • Kumar, AM; Babu, RS; Obot, IB; Gasem, ZM ; Fabrication of nitrogen doped graphene oxide coatings: experimental and theoretical approach for surface protection ;2015
  • Sasikumar, Y; Kumar, AM; Gasem, ZM; Ebenso, EE ; Hybrid nanocomposite from aniline and CeO2 nanoparticles: Surface protective performance on mild steel in acidic environment ;2015
  • Kumar, AM; Gasem, ZM ;  In situ electrochemical synthesis of polyaniline/f-MWCNT nanocomposite coatings on mild steel for corrosion protection in 3.5% NaCl solution ;2015
  • Kumar, AM; Latthe, SS; Sudhagar, P; Obot, IB; Gasem, ZM ; In-situ synthesis of hydrophobic SiO2-PMMA composite for surface protective coatings: Experimental and quantum chemical analysis ;2015
  • Odewunmi, NA; Umoren, SA; Gasem, ZM; Ganiyu, SA; Muhammad, Q ; L-Citrulline: An active corrosion inhibitor component of watermelon rind extract for mild steel in HCl medium ;2015
  • Umoren, SA; Obot, IB; Madhankumar, A; Gasem, ZM ; Performance evaluation of pectin as ecofriendly corrosion inhibitor for X60 pipeline steel in acid medium: Experimental and theoretical approaches ;2015
  • Nemitallah, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Habib, MA; Ahmed, WH; Toor, IH; Gasem, ZM; Badr, HM ; Solid Particle Erosion Downstream of an Orifice ;2015
  • Obot, IB; Madhankumar, A; Umoren, SA; Gasem, ZM ; Surface protection of mild steel using benzimidazole derivatives: experimental and theoretical approach ;2015
  • Obot, IB; Umoren, SA; Gasem, ZM; Suleiman, R; El Ali, B ;Theoretical prediction and electrochemical evaluation of vinylimidazole and allylimidazole as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in 1 M HCl ;2015
  • Odewunmi, NA; Umoren, SA; Gasem, ZM ;  Utilization of watermelon rind extract as a green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in acidic media ;2015
  • Madhankumar, A; Ramakrishna, S; Sudhagar, P; Kim, H; Kang, YS; Obot, IB; Gasem, ZMA ;  An electrochemical, in vitro bioactivity, and quantum chemical approach to nanostructured copolymer coatings for orthopedic applications ;2014
  • Hassan, SF; Paramsothy, M; Gasem, ZM; Patel, F; Gupta, M ;Effect of Carbon Nanotube on High-Temperature Formability of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy ;2014
  • Al-Qadhi, M; Merah, N; Gasem, ZM; Abu-Dheir, N; Aleem, BJA ;  Effect of Water and Crude Oil on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Epoxy-Clay Nanocomposites ;2014
  • Kumar, AM; Nagarajan, S; Ramakrishna, S; Sudhagar, P; Kang, YS; Kim, H; Gasem, ZM; Rajendran, N ; Electrochemical and in vitro bioactivity of polypyrrole/ceramic nanocomposite coatings on 316L SS bio-implants ;2014
  • Malik, J; Toor, IH; Ahmed, WH; Gasem, ZM; Habib, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Badr, HM ;  Evaluating the Effect of Hardness on Erosion Characteristics of Aluminum and Steels ;2014
  • Kumar, AM; Sudhagar, P; Ramakrishna, S; Kang, YS; Kim, H; Gasem, ZM; Rajendran, N ; Evaluation of chemically modified Ti-5Mo-3Fe alloy surface: Electrochemical aspects and in vitro bioactivity on MG63 cells ;2014
  • Kumar, AM; Sudhagar, P; Fujishima, A; Gasem, ZM ; Hierarchical polymer nanocomposite coating material for 316L SS implants: Surface and electrochemical aspects of PPy/f-CNTs coatings ;2014
  • Umoren, S; Gasem, Z ; Influence of Molecular Weight on Mild Steel Corrosion Inhibition Effect by Polyvinyl Alcohol in Hydrochloric Acid Solution ;2014
  • Ranjitha, A; Muthukumarasamy, N; Thambidurai, M; Velauthapillai, D; Kumar, AM; Gasem, ZM ; Inverted organic solar cells based on Cd-doped TiO2 as an electron extraction layer ;2014
  • Malik, J; Toor, IH; Ahmed, WH; Gasem, ZM; Habib, MA; Ben-Mansour, R; Badr, HM ;Investigations on the Corrosion-Enhanced Erosion Behavior of Carbon Steel AISI 1020 ;2014
  • Obot, IB; Gasem, ZM; Umoren, SA ; Molecular Level Understanding of the Mechanism of Aloes Leaves Extract Inhibition of Low Carbon Steel Corrosion: A DFT Approach;2014
  • Madhankumar, A; Thangavel, E; Ramakrishna, S; Obot, IB; Jung, HC; Shin, KS; Gasem, ZM; Kim, H; Kim, DE ;Multi-functional ceramic hybrid coatings on biodegradable AZ31 Mg implants: electrochemical, tribological and quantum chemical aspects for orthopaedic applications ;2014
  • Obot, IB; Gasem, ZM ; Theoretical evaluation of corrosion inhibition performance of some pyrazine derivatives ;2014
  • Yilbas, BS; Bhushan, B; Aleem, BJA; Gaseem, Z ;  Tribology and Superhydrophobicity of Laser-Controlled-Melted Alumina Surfaces with Hard Particles ;2014
  • Obot, IB; Gasem, ZM; Umoren, SA ;  Understanding the Mechanism of 2-mercaptobenzimidazole Adsorption on Fe (110), Cu (111) and Al (111) Surfaces: DFT and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Approaches ;2014
  • Gasem, ZM; Cracking in a multiple gas-nitrided H13 aluminum extrusion mandrel ;2013
  • Hamdy, AS; Alfosail, F; Gasem, Z ;  Deposition, characterization and electrochemical properties of silica-phosphate composite coatings formed over A6092/SiC/17.5p aluminum metal matrix composite ;2013
  • Hamdy, AS; Alfosail, F; Gasem, Z ;  Eco-friendly, cost-effective silica-based protective coating for an A6092/SiC/17.5p aluminum metal matrix composite ;2013
  • Hamdy, AS; Alfosail, F; Gasem, Z ; Effect of changing the silica coating pH on the corrosion characteristics of A6092/SiC/17.5p aluminum metal matrix composite in chloride media ;2013
  • Hamdy, AS; Alfosail, F; Gasem, Z ;  Electrochemical behavior of a discontinuously A6092/SiC/17.5p metal matrix composite in chloride containing solution ;2013
  • Gasem, ZM; Ali, SS ;  Low-cycle fatigue behavior of powder metallurgy 6061 aluminum alloy reinforced with submicron-scale Al2O3 particles ;2013
  • Al-Qadhi, M; Merah, N; Gasem, ZM ;  Mechanical properties and water uptake of epoxy-clay nanocomposites containing different clay loadings ;2013
  • Umoren, SA; Gasem, ZM; Obot, IB ;Natural Products for Material Protection: Inhibition of Mild Steel Corrosion by Date Palm Seed Extracts in Acidic Media ;2013
  • Loeffel, K; Anand, L; Gasem, ZM ;  On modeling the oxidation of high-temperature alloys ;2013