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 Heat Transfer Lab

Munteshari Obaidallah
Lab Technician: Mr. Saeed Al-Baba
Location- 63-406/408
Phone - 860-3759

Short introduction of the lab and its key capabilities/mission
Welcome to the home page of the Heat Transfer Lab. In this website, some information related to the lab will be revealed. The page has informaiton on the three levels of services we offer in the lab. 

  • Undergraduate experimental setups
This section includes lab experiments are run actually for the thermofluids lab ME316. In addition, information on some more lab experiment that can be also run in the lab with the existing facility. 

  • Senior design project facilities
This section has a list of the capabilities (tools, measuring devices and instrumentation that may be used by senior students in their senior design projects. In addition, samples of completed senior design projects are listed in this section. 

  • Research facilities
This section lists the main research facilities available in the lab. These include experimental setups and an indication of what these setups can be used for
Teaching facilities

In this page, the experimental setups used for the heat transfer part of the thermofluids lab (ME316) course are shown. That includes lab handouts, video taped experiment procedure and some virtual experiments 
Teaching facilities


Experim ent

PDF file

Video file



Temperature measurement and calibration

Experiment 7

7_1, 7_2, 7_3



Conduction through copper bars

Experiment 8




Unsteady heat transfer

Experiment 9

9_1, 9_2



Free and Forced Convection heat transfer

Experiment 10

10_1, 10_2



Radiation heat transfer

Experiment 11

11_1, 11_2



Forced Convection heat transfer

Experiment 12

12_1, 12_2



Double pipe heat exchanger

Experiment 13

13_1, 13_2



Shell and Tube heat exchanger

Experiment 14

14_1, 14_2, 14_3


Additional experiments that can be performed:

  • Extended tubular heat exchanger performance 
  • Plate heat exchanger performance (including the effect of changing surface area)
  • Extended surface temperature distribution 
  • Inverse square law of thermal radiation 
  • Validity of Kirschoff law of radiation 
  • Light properties (Inverse square law, Lambert cosine law for light and law of absorption) 
  • Plate Heat Exchanger (Virtual)

Research Facilities

This page shows some research facilities in the lab:
  • Guarded heater for Thermal conductivity of insualting meterials (fixed dimensions) 
  • Computerized TSI Thermal conductivity (/effusivity) measurements 
  • Heat Flux (thermal resistance) measurements across walls 
  • Infrared camera for temperature imaging. 
  • Temperature, flow rates and power measurements. 
  • Radiation/light intensity and surface emmisivity. 
  • Temperaure calibration 
  • LDV system. 
  • Subsonic Windtunnel (Under construction)

Senior Design Projects Capabilities 

This pages shows the facilities available for senior design students to use in their
  • capstone design projects
  • Thermocouples (K type and T type)
  • Silicon Flexible heaters
  • Flow meters (liquid and air)
  • Temperature sensing devices (handheld and DAQs)
  • Constant temperature water circulating bath(es)
  • Availability of measuring units for thermal conductivity and thermal resistance.
  • Power meter