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 Dr. Khulief, Yehia A.


PhD, PE (Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Alabama, USA).     


Contact Information                 

Office               Bldg-63 Room-309                                
Phone              966-13-860 2327                                      
Fax                  966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                 
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Ph.D.                (Mechanical Engineering), University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA.1985

M.Sc.               (Mechanical Engineering), University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA. 1983.                        

M.Sc.               Department of Optimization & Control, University of Hertfordshire, (The Hatfield Polytechnic), Hatfield, Herts, U.K. 1980.

B.Sc                 Aeronautical Engineering Department, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. 1974.

Courses Taught

  • ME 201             Dynamics
  • ME 309             Mechanics of Machines
  • ME 413             System Dynamics & Control
  • ME 428             Structure of Flight Vehicles
  • ME 482             Mechanical Vibrations 
  • ME-484             Acoustics
  • ME 541             Continuum Mechanics
  • ME 542             Elasticity
  • ME 562             Vibration Measurement & Analysis
  • ME 558             Rotordynamics

Research Areas

  • Dynamic modeling and analysis of multibody systems with interconnected rigid and elastic Components; Dynamic simulation of impact and intermittent motion; Vibrational response calculations using finite element modeling; FEM dynamic modal response analysis of rotating beams & shafts; Rotordynamics; Flow-induced Vibrations; and Active control of vibrations in flexible mechanical systems.

Areas of Expertise & Consulting

  • Vibration Measurements & Analysis, Vibration monitoring, spectrum analysis & diagnostics of rotating machinery, Rotor balancing, Turbojet engines ground acceptance tests, Vehicle collision & crash accident diagnosis, Elevators & escalators performance tests, Acoustic measurements & sound level standards, Leak detection in Pipelines, Flow-induced Vibrations and Fluid Structure interaction.

Representative Publications      

  • Oke, WA; Khulief, YA ;Vibration analysis of composite pipes using the finite element method with B-spline wavelets ;2016
  • Khulief, YA; El-Gebeily, MA; Oke, WA; Ahmed, WH ; Modal frequencies of fiber-reinforced polymer pipes with wall-thinning using a wavelet-based finite element model ;2015
  • Bashmal, S; Oke, WA; Khulief, Y ;Vibration analysis of an elastically restrained microcantilever beam under electrostatic loading using wavelet-based finite element method ;2015
  • Khulief, YA; Oke, W; Mohiuddin, MA ; Modally Tuned Influence Coefficients for Low-Speed Balancing of Flexible Rotors ;2015
  • Al-Gahtani, O; El-Gebeily, M; Khulief, Y ;  Output-Only Identification of System Parameters from Noisy Measurements by Multiwavelet Denoising ;2014
  • Khulief, YA; Bashmal, SA; Said, SA; Al-Otaibi, DA; Mansour, KM ; Prediction of Vibration-Induced Instability Due to Cross Flow in Heat Exchangers with Triangular Tube Arrays ;2014​


  • Honorary Member, Pi Tau Sigma,  The Mechanical Engineering Honorary Fraternity, USA.
  • Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Guidance & Control Software Group, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Pasadena, CA, USA. A sabbatical leave Sept. 1997 to July 1998.