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 Laser Lab


Dr. Bekir S. Yilbas
Tel: 860-4481

Short introduction of the lab and its key capabilities/mission

Laser laboratory was established in 1994 in Mechanical Engineering Department. Since laser finds applications in daily life and in several industries, the current laser research work spans from surface engineering to machining. The followings are the descriptive outlines of the current research:

Surface Engineering Applications:

In this category, the followings are considered: Surface texturing towards achieving surface hydrophobicity and surface gas assisting processing towards improving surface tribology.

Surface texturing studies include laser surface texturing of ceramics, metallic, and plastic materials for improved surface hydrophobicity.  In general, surface hydrophobicity depends on surface texture and surface energy of the solid substrates. Therefore, surface texture composes of micro/nano pillars and low surface energy improve significantly the surface hydrophobicity. Below figure shows the example for the textured alumina surface and the corresponding droplet at the surface.


In laser machining applications, the primer interest is laser cutting of difficult to cut materials such as laser cutting of ceramic tiles, copper alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum foam, and etc. The main consideration is to achieve the defect free and efficient cutting. Some of the cutting examples are shown below:

LTAT2.jpgLaser bending applications: Laser bending of metallic sheets is the research interest.  Laser welding applications: Laser welding of dissimilar metallic materials is the research interest.​