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 ME 495 Undergraduate Research

ME 495 Undergraduate Research

The undergraduate research course ME 495 is offered for interested students as an elective course (senior, ME) to be involved in the active ongoing research projects under the supervision of ME faculty members. The course is intended to give the student the research skills and methodology including planning, designing, lab techniques, execution, troubleshooting, testing, data analysis, and communications skills. The student is expected to learn how to perform scientific research, experimental and/or theoretical, based on clear objectives and goals. Publications from the course work are highly encouraged and appreciated.  
Registration Steps - Guidelines: 
1. The course is offered as a technical elective (non-ME elective) for senior ME students.  
2. The course is NOT currently available for AME students. 
3. Minimum GPA of 3 out of 4 is required to register the course. 
4. Instructors to submit brief proposals (title and description) to the course coordinator.
5. Proposals to be published to students before the end of the semester (through ME website)
6. Interested Students approach the instructors to select and agree on the research topic. 
7. The instructor fills and signs the agreement form with the student. The form is available online. 
8. The ME Chairman to approve the proposal and open a section for the student. 

Grading Policy (suggested) 

 The grade distribution for ME 495 is as follows:

Progress reports and presentations20%
Final report as research paper (written in Research Paper Format)40%
Poster ( ME Expo committee)15%
Achievements (based on the research objectives)25%

You can download the ME 495 Syllabus and ME 495 Proposal form from below links