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 ME Club

The main goal of the club is to promote team spirit and professionalism among its members. This club also encourages its members to engage in activities that aid in enhancing their leadership and technical skills; it promotes and supports interesting projects that will inspire members to be innovative. It helps its members to broaden their outlook on technical and other matters related to the mechanical engineering profession.

Some of the club activities are listed below: 

  • ​Assisting members to develop technical skills for innovation and invention.
  • Proposing projects to simulate the inherent talents of its members.
  • Providing financial and moral support for projects initiated by ME students and faculty.
  • Offering useful lectures and technical services to members.
  • Developing help sessions and data banks for various courses.
  • Arranging field trips to help its members be in contact with professional engineers.
  • Arranging public lectures on computer applications.
  • Organizing seminars on scientific and technical matters related to industrial applications.
  • Arranging social trips.
  • Organizing science competitions.

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