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Course #Course NameEquivalent Course at KFUPMEquivalent Course Name
2.00 How and Why Machine WorkME 490Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
2.004Dynamics and Control ME 413Systems Dynamics and Control
2.008Design and Manufacturing IIME 406Special Topics in Materials and Manufacturing 
2.009The Product Engineering ProcessME 412/416Senior Design Project II

2.092Finite Elements of Solids and Fluids IME 489Finite Element Analysis in Machine Design
2.12Introduction to RoboticsME 443Mechanics of Robotic Manipulators
2.61Internal Combustion EnginesME 432Internal Combustion Engines
2.671Measurements and InstrumentationME 450Mechanical Engineering Experimentation
2.72Elements of Mechanical Engineering DesignME 308Machine Design II
2.050JNonlinear Dynamics: ChaosME 492Special Topics in Dynamics & Control
2.650/22.081/10.291Sustainable EnergyME 491Special Topics in Energy
3.54JCorrosionME 472Corrosion Engineering I
Not Equivalent Courses
Course #Course NameNot Equivalent Course at KFUPMCourse Name

 2.06 Fluid Dynamics ME311 ​