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This Program is not accredited
1.1 The Program Objectives
The objectives of the Program are to prepare graduates:
  1.  to cater the higher demands in terms of comprehensive knowledge in the field of Materials Science and Engineering in the Kingdom and the gulf region.
  2.  with in-depth proficiency in Material science and engineering fields relevant to local and regional industry in an interdisciplinary approach.
  3.  with competitive skills in research techniques, interdisciplinary teamwork, and critical analysis of materials science and engineering problems.
1.2 The Unique Opportunities the Program Offers
The Program will also offer the local and regional industries an excellent opportunity to
The Programs offers an opportunity for KFUPM to utilize its faculty’s versatile experience in an interdisciplinary fashion.
Conferment of Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering degree requires successful completion of 24 credit hours of graduate level courses and a successful defense of a
written research thesis. The research described in the thesis will be directed by a faculty advisor.

The 24 credit hours represent 8 courses with 3 credit hours each. These must include:

  1. ​Three core courses,
  2. Five courses from the elective courses list from any of the program major fields.
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