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 Material Science Lab


Dr. Nouari Saheb
​Lab Technician:
Mr. Al Ghanim
Location: 75- Rooms-001,4,6,7
Tel: 013-(860) 2528/2469
Introduction to the Lab

Materials Science Lab is actively contributing in teaching and research activities in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Its main mission is to provide the latest educational/research facilities in materials characterization and testing for both students and researchers. It provides educational and research facilities at different levels to undergraduate, MS, and PhD students. Research capabilities include:
Microstructure characterization: metallography, scanning electron microscopy with x-ray energy dispersive spectrometer, x-ray diffraction, TGA, and DSC;
Metal analyzer for most elements required in the metal industry including traces of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen;
Mechanical testing including hardness, tensile, creep, fatigue, and impact testing;
Other capabilities: steel heat treatment furnaces, hardenability Jominy test, and various NDT methods.

Courses supported are:

Required course: ME 217/205; electives: ME474 and ME 478; graduate courses: ME 574, ME579

Design/Research Activities

Activities of the lab involve the tests required by teaching of courses ME 205/215, senior design project students, MS and PhD students, faculty and funded research.

EQUIPMENT for teaching and research:
Fatigue Machine

TQ fatigues machines model SM-1090.​



Creep machine

TQ creep machines model SM-1006.​


Impact machine

TQ impact machines model TQ-TE15.​


Tensile Machine

Instron tensile machines model 3367.​



Hardness testers

INNOVA hardness testers model 783-D.



Scanning Slectron Microscope (SEM):

JEOL SEM model JSM-6460 with EDS facility and JEOL Gold Sputter model JFC-1100.



Optical Microscope:


Differential Scanning Calorimetry machine (DSC)

METTLER Toledo DSC machine model DSC-822E.


Summary of Machines at Materials Science Lab