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 Metrology Lab


Dr. Samir Mekid
Email :
Lab Technician:
Location: 63-334 and 335
Tel: (860-3057)

                                                                 Safety Announcement
To all users of the Metrology lab: Please have your coat and safety shoes ready with

you every time you use the lab.
Introduction to the Lab

The laboratory is currently equipped for dimensional metrology instruments such as calipers, gauges and instrumentation to inspect various features e.g. linear, geometric form (roundness, flatness), geometric interrelationship (parallelism, squareness, concentricity, angular), and surface finish measurements. It is also equipped with a wide assortment of plug, ring, and snap gauges. These facilities are available for both teaching and research

​The mission of the metrology laboratory is to provide the foundation of dimensional measurements that meets the needs of the scientific and industrial communities by:

  • disseminating knowledge through teaching & best practices
  • conducting research in dimensional measurements;
  • developing new measurement methods;
  • providing measurement services;

This mission reflects its responsibility to perform four core functions: Research, Development, Measurement Services, and Information Dissemination. Each core function includes a variety of processes which serve numerous customers, collectively identified as scientific and industrial communities, both public and private.

The vision of Metrology Laboratory is to conduct teaching, research and development in dimensional metrology and precision equipments . It is available to provide support for manufacturing metrology for local industry.

ME Courses supported are:

  • ME 206 - Manufacturing Processes I
  • ME 306 - Manufacturing Processes II
  • ME 463 - Production Engineering I
  • ME 464 - Production Engineering II


Major available equipment are:

  • Digimar Height Measuring Machine (see picture 2 below)
  • Digimar Taper Testing Machine (see picture 3 below)
  • Electronic and Optical Comparators (see picture 4 below)
  • Leitz Tool Maker’s Microscope (see picture 5 below)
  • Talysurf 4 Surface Texture Measuring Machine (see picture 6 below)
  • Dual Axis Photoelectric Autocollimator DA4000 with Accessories and Software and Profile Projector.
  • Advanced readout for precision multi gauge measurements.
  • Other are Process to eqip the lab e.g. CMM and 3D surface scanning.

 1) Form Talysurf 50i Series 2 (S3C) for Measuring Form and Surface Finish




2) Digimar Height Measuring Machine, For Meausing Diameters, Distance Between Hole Centers, Step Heights, Etc.





3) Form Talysurf 50i Series 2 (S3C) For Measuring Form And Surface Finish




4) Mechanical Comparators Using Mechanical Amplifying Dial Indicators




5) Leitz Tool Maker's Microscope


Leitz Tool Maker's Microscope1.jpg



6) Talysurf 4 Surface Texture Measuring Machine




7) 16 Channel Advanced Readout System For Multiple Gauge Precision Measurements


16 Channel advanced.jpg


8) Two Optical Tables: Smart Table With Dampers


Two optical tables.jpg



N/A More To Come Later.
Design/Research Activities

The Metrology Laboratory Aims To Support Various Teaching Courses And Research Activities Within The University And By Providing Services And Research Support/Collaboration To Other Departments Or Local Industry.

Major Projects:

  • Investigation Of Heat Exchanger Tubesheet Hole Enlargement, Project # ME2203 For Saudi Aramco.
  • Heat Exchanger Tubesheet Hole Enlargement Limit (Phase II), Project #ME2243 For Saudi Aramco
  • Backup For Experimental Research Projects In Manufacturing, Materials And Erosion Studies.
  • Micromachine Desktop Design And Test For Mesoscale Components
  • Mesoscale Parts Inspection.