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 Dr. M. Mustafa Kamal


Assistant Professor 

Contact Information

Office:             Building 63, Room 156

Phone:            +966-13-860-1964

Fax:                 +966-13-860-2949 (ME Dept.)



Ph.D. Energy and Combustion, University of Cambridge, UK, 2015

M.Sc. Advanced Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK, 2011

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, UET Peshawar, Pakistan, 2010


Courses Taught

  • ME702: Independent Research
  • ME701: Independent Research
  • ME648: Combustion Emissions and Control
  • ME548: Combustion Phenomena
  • ME531: Advanced Thermodynamics
  • ME495: Directed Research
  • ME423: Energy Conversion
  • ME316: Thermofluids
  • ME315: Heat Transfer
  • ME311: Fluid Mechanics
  • ME203: Thermodynamics


Research Areas

  • Combustion and emissions
  • Propulsions systems
  • Optical and laser diagnostics
  • Turbulent stratified combustion
  • Oxyfuel combustion
  • Renewable fuels
  • Flow and combustion instabilities
  • Thermoacoustic instabilities
  • Gas turbines
  • Aerosol

 Representative Publications

  • A. Ali, M. A. Nemitallah, A. A. Abdelhafez, M. hussain, M. M. Kamal, M. A. Habib, "Comparative analysis of the stability and structure of premixed C3H8/O2/CO2 and C3H8/O2/N2 flames for clean flexible energy production," Energy, 2020
  • A. Ali, M. A. Nemitallah, A. A. Abdelhafez, B. Imteyaz, M. M. Kamal, M. A. Habib, "Numerical and experimental study of swirl premixed CH4/H2/O2/CO2 flames for controlled-emissions gas turbines," International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2020
  • M. M. Kamal, "Two-line (CH*/CO2*) chemiluminescence technique for equivalence ratio mapping in turbulent stratified flames," Energy, EGY-D-19-03683, 2019
  • A. Ali, M. A. Nemitallah, A. A. Abdelhafez, I. G. Elsakhawy, M. M. Kamal, M. A. Habib "Static stability and combustion characteristics of oxy-propane flames in a premixed fuel-flexible swirl combustor," Energy & Fuels, ef-2019-03157, 2019
  • M. M. Kamal, B. Coriton, R. Zhou, J. H. Frank, S. Hochgreb, "Scalar dissipation rate and scales in swirling turbulent premixed flames," Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 36 (2017) 1957-1965
  • M. M. Kamal, R. Barlow, S. Hochgreb, "Scalar structure of turbulent stratified swirl flames conditioned on local equivalence ratio," Combustion and Flame, 166 (2016) 76-79
  • H. P. Tsui, M. M. Kamal, S. Hochgreb, W. K. Bushe, "Direct comparison of PDF and scalar dissipation rates between LEM simulations and experiments for turbulent, premixed methane air flames," Combustion and Flame, 165 (2016) 208-222
  • M. M. Kamal, R. Barlow, S. Hochgreb, "Conditional analysis of turbulent premixed and stratified flames on local equivalence ratio and progress of reaction," Combustion and Flame, 162 (2015) 3896-3913
  • S. Balusamy, M. M. Kamal, S.M. Lowe, B. Tian, Y. Gao, S. Hochgreb, "Laser diagnostics of pulverized coal combustion in O2/N2 and O2/CO2 conditions: Velocity and scalar measurements," Experiment in Fluids, (2015) 56:108
  • M. M. Kamal, S. Balusamy, R. Zhou, S. Hochgreb, "Favre- and Reynolds-averaged velocity measurements: Interpreting PIV and LDA measurements in combustion," Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 35 (2015) 3803-3811
  • M. M. Kamal, C. Duwig, S. Balusamy, R. Zhou, S. Hochgreb, "Proper orthogonal decomposition analysis of non-swirling turbulent stratified and premixed methane/air flames," Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo, Düsseldorf, Germany, 2014