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 Nanotechnology Lab


Dr. Tahar Laoui​
Location: 63-332
Tel:860-1379 / 860-7819

Introduction to the Lab:

Nanotechnology is a science, engineering and technology at nano scale. Nanotechnology Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department at KFUPM supports teaching and research in the field of nanotechnology. It houses various equipments and tools to facilitate researchers and students in conducting research related to synthesis of nanomaterials/nanostructured materials in the form of bulk or layer/thin film deposited on a substrate, and subsequent characterization. 

Courses Supported:

  • ME 411 / ME 412 / ME 414 / ME 416: Senior Design Projects
  • ME 574 Advanced Materials Science
  • MSE 503 Engineering Nanomaterials
  • MSE 531 Materials Characterization
  • ME 606: Independent Research
  • ME 610: MS Thesis
  • ME 701 / ME 702 : Directed Research
  • ME 710 / ME 712 : PhD Dissertation

Major Research Areas:

  • Synthesis of nanostructured materials and nanocomposites
  • Powder metallurgy and novel sintering technology (spark plasma sintering, microwave sintering)
  • Fabrication of membranes/filter materials for water treatment and water desalination applications
  • Graphene and graphene oxide based membranes
  • Hardmetals (WC-Co) and ceramics (alumina, sialons) based composites for cutting/drilling tools and wear resistance applications

Major Ongoing Research Projects (September 2015):

  • ​​Development of ceramic-based membranes reinforced with bare/modified carbon ‎nanotubes for water treatment applications
  • Synthesis and characterization of micro and nano carbon materials coated with polyelectrolyte ‎for removal of heavy metals from water
  • Novel nanostructured membranes for seawater desalination​​​​
  • Investigation of tribological properties of micro/nanosized WC-Co ‎hardmetals prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering process at elevated ‎temperatures
  • Processing and characterization of SiAlON-based ceramic nanocomposites reinforced with SiC and WC nanoparticles for cutting tool and wear resistance applications
  • Fabrication of boron nitride nanocomposites hard materials for cutting tool and abrasive applications by spark plasma sintering

Major Completed Research Projects:

  • ​​Development of high performance advanced WC-based hardmetal nanocomposites for drilling/cutting applications
  • Advanced bio-inert ceramic filter materials with graded macro/micro/nanoporous structure
  • Exploring a manufacturing route to produce WC-based micro-cutting tool with nanostructured material
  • Experimental investigation of heat transfer characterization for CNT-nanofluid in heat exchangers
  • Development of nitrogen modified CNTs as Pt-free catalyst for fuel cell applications
  • Effect of radiation vulcanization and conventional vulcanization on the mechanical and physical properties of natural rubber-carbon nanotubes nanocomposites