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 Dr. Saheb Nouari



Contact Information

Office               Bldg-63 Room-304                                
Phone              966-13-860 7529                                      
Fax                  966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                 
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Ph.D.                Materials Science, National University of Malaysia, (2001).                                    

M.Sc.                Metallurgy, Constantine University, Algeria, (1994).                                 

B.Sc                  Metallurgy, Constantine University, Algeria, (1991).                                   

Courses Taught

  • ME 574               Advanced Materials Science
  • MSE 503             Materials Characterization
  • ME 606               Independent Research
  • ME 216               Materials Science and Engineering
  • ME 495               Directed Research/BSc Research Thesis
  • ME 215               Materials Science for Mechanical Engineering
  • ME 215               Materials Science Lab for Mechanical Engineering
  • ME 479               Modern Materials
  • MEC 4263          Non-destructive Evaluation of Structures
  • MAT 4390          Nanomaterials
  • MAT 3210          Crystallography and X-Rays Diffraction
  • MAT 4229          Powder Metallurgy
  • MAT 3240          Composite Materials
  • MAT 3140          Polymeric Materials
  • MAT 3220          Applied Polymer Processing
  • MME 2222         Materials Engineering Lab II
  • MME 2204         Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Behaviour of Alloys
  • MME 6260         Advanced Materials Characterization

Research Areas

Metallic Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites

Representative Publications 

  1. F. Sahnoune, N. Saheb, B. Kamal, Z. Takok, Thermal analysis of dehydroxylation of Algerian kaolin, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol. 107, Issue 3, 1067-1072, 2012.
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  4. A.M. Al-Qutub, A. Khalil, N. Saheb, N. Al-Aqeeli, T. Laoui, Wear behavior of spark plasma sintered Al2124 aluminum alloy containing carbon nanotubes, Science of Advanced Materials, 4, 1166-1173, 2012.
  5. A. Ouali, M. Heraiz, F. Sahnoune, H. Belhouchet, M. Fatmi, N. Saheb, Effect of MgO Addition on the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Mullite Synthesised through Reaction Sintering of Al2O3 and Algerian Kaolin, American Journal of Modern Physics 2, 270-275, 2013.
  6. F. Sahnoune, M. Fatmi, H. Belhouchet, M. Heraiz, N. Saheb, Kinetics and Microstructure of Solid Phase Precipitation in Mg-7 wt. % Al, International Journal of Advance Industrial Engineering, 1(3): 45-58, 2013.
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  10. N. Al-Aqeeli; K. Abdullahi; A. S. Hakeem; C. Suryanarayana; T. Laoui; N. Saheb, Synthesis, Characterization and Mechanical Properties of SiC-reinforced Al-based Nanocomposites Processed by MA and SPS, Powder Metallurgy, 56, 149-157, 2013.
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