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 Pieter Boom


Assistant Professor

Contact Information:

Office               Bldg-63-Room-                            

Phone              966-013-860-                                   

Fax                  966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                



PhD                   Aerospace Science and Engineering (Nov 2015), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

BASc EngSci    Engineering Science - Aerospace (June 2009), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Courses Taught:

  • ME 311           Fluid Mechanics


Research Areas:

  • Multiphysics engineering simulation; High-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence; Robust and efficient numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations

Representative Publications:

Journal Papers:

  • Boom, Kosmas, Margetts, Jivkov, Linear elasticity using discrete exterior calculus, Int J of Solids and Struc, Vol. 236-237, No. 111345, 2022.
  • Berbatov, Boom, Hazel, Jivkov, Diffusion in multi-dimensional solids using Forman's combinatorial differential forms, arXiv:2201.03704, 2022.
  • Boom, Seepujak, Kosmas, Margetts, Jivkov, Parallelized discrete exterior calculus for three-dimensional elliptic problems, arXiv:2104.05999, 2021.
  • Kosmas, Boom, Jivkov, On the Derivation of Multisymplectic Variational Integrators for Hyperbolic PDEs Using Exponential Functions, Appl. Sci., Vol. 11, No. 17:7837, 2021.
  • Kosmas, Boom, Jivkov, On the geometric description of nonlinear elasticity via an energy approach using barycentric coordinates, Math., Vol. 9, No. 14:1689, 2021.
  • Del Rey Fernández, Boom, Carpenter, Zingg, Extension of tensor-product generalized and dense-norm summation-by-parts operators to curvilinear coordinates, J. of Sci Comp, Vol. 80, 2019.
  • Boom, Zingg, Optimization of high-order diagonally-implicit Runge-Kutta methods, J. of Comp Phys, Vol. 371, 2018.
  • Del Rey Fernández, Boom, Zingg, Corner-corrected diagonal-norm summation-by-parts operators for the first derivative with increased order of accuracy, J. of Comp Phys, Vol. 330, 2017.
  • Boom, Zingg, High-order implicit time-marching methods based on generalized summation-by- parts operators, SIAM J. of Sci Comp, Vol 37, No. 6, 2015.
  • Del Rey Fernández, Boom, Zingg, A generalized framework for nodal first derivative summation-by-parts operators, J. of Comp Phys, Vol. 266, 2014.

Conferences / Meetings:

  • Mattelo, Boom, Zingg, An algorithmic search for optimally efficient high-order summation- by-parts operators, SIAM CSE19, Spokane, USA, Mar 2019.
  • Boom, Rolston, Zingg, Large-eddy simulation of controlled and uncontrolled turbulent boundary layers, ICCFD10, Barcelona, Spain, Jul 2018.
  • Boom, Zingg, Numerical optimization of high-order diagonally-implicit multistep Runge-Kutta methods, ICCFD10, Barcelona, Spain, Jul 2018.
  • Belanger, Boom, Hanson, Lavoie, Zingg, Skin friction drag reduction on a flat plate turbulent boundary layer using synthetic jets, 70th APS DFD, Denver, USA, Nov 2017.
  • Del Rey Fernández, Zingg, Hicken, Boom, Crean, Recent advances in methods with the summation-by-parts property, 14th USNCCM, Montreal, Canada, Jul 2017.
  • Zingg, Del Rey Fernández, Hicken, Boom, Developments and opportunities in summation-by-parts operators (Keynote), SONAD 2017, Hamilton, Canada, May 2017.
  • Zingg, Boom, A high-order parallel implicit Newton-Krylov-Schur algorithm for steady and unsteady flows based on summation-by-parts operators (Keynote), Mini-symposium on HPC in Aerospace Applications, FEF-2017, Rome, Italy, Apr 2017.
  • Del Rey Fernández, Boom, Zingg, Numerical investigation of tensor-product summation-by-parts discretization strategies and operators, AIAA SCITECH 2017, Grapevine, USA, Jan 2017.
  • Boom, Zingg, Investigation of efficient high-order implicit Runge-Kutta methods based on generalized summation-by-parts operators, AIAA AVIATION 2015, Dallas, USA, Jun 2015.
  • Del Rey Fernández, Boom, Zingg, Generalized summation by parts operators: second derivative and time-marching methods, ICOSAHOM 2014, Salt Lake City, USA, Jun 2014.
  • Boom, Zingg, High-order implicit temporal integration for unsteady compressible fluid flow simulation, 21st AIAA CFD, San Diego, USA, Jun 2013.
  • Osusky, Boom, Zingg, Results from the fifth AIAA Drag Prediction Workshop obtained with a parallel Newton-Krylov-Schur flow solver discretized using summation-by-parts operators, 21st AIAA CFD, San Diego, USA, Jun 2013.
  • Boom, Zingg, Time-accurate flow simulations using an efficient Newton-Krylov-Schur approach and high-order temporal and spatial discretizations, 51st AIAA ASM, Grapevine, USA, Jan 2013.
  • Osusky, Boom, Del Rey Fernández, Zingg, An efficient Newton-Krylov-Schur parallel solution algorithm for the steady and unsteady Navier-Stokes equations, ICCFD7, Big Island, USA, Jul 2012.



  • Boom, 2015, "High-order Implicit Time-marching Methods for Unsteady Fluid Flow Simulation," PhD Dissertation, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Boom, 2009, "Globalization of Newton's method using a boundary-condition continuation method," Undergraduate Thesis, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



  • Nominated for GN Patterson Award for best PhD dissertation (UTIAS) 2016.