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 Reverse Eng. and Rapid Prototyping



Dr. Usman Ali

Lab Technicians:
Phone : +966-3-860-91949


Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping Lab is actively contributing in teaching and research activities of Mechanical EngineeringDepartment in the field of rapid prototyping for both students(undergraduate, MS, and PhD ) and research and design projects of faculty. The lab provides opportunities to realize complex and innovative designs rapidly with a variety of in-house technologies

Mission: Providing knowledge and skills to the students, and researchers of KFUPM to learn and utilize rapid prototyping processes and technologies in their design and research activities.

Courses Supported:

ME 210 (ME Drawing and Graphics)

ME 322/323 (Manufacturing Processes / Manufacturing Lab)

ME 406/407 (Manufacturing and Design / Advance Manufacturing Lab)

ME411/ME412 (Senior Design Project I /Senior Design Project II)

ME414/ME415 (Design Project / Design Project I)

ME416 (Design Project II)

ME 462 (Reliability Mech Engineers)

ME606 (Independent Research)

ME610 (M.S. Thesis)


  • Facilities
  • Lab Equipment


  Polymer Vacuum Casting Machine (MK Technology)










Maximum casting weight:
1.400 g

Maximum mould size:
450 x 470 x 400 mm

Mixing Unit
With transparent and reusable cups and funnels
Cup A 700 ml – cup B 1400 ml
Z-Printers (3-D Printers)



Printer 450

The Z450 Full Color 3D Printer 

Build Speed:  2 - 4 layers per minute

Build Size:  8” x 10” x 8”  (203 x 254 x 203 mm)

Layer Thickness:  User selectable at the time of printing; 0.0035”-0.004” (.089-.102 mm)

Resolution:  300 x 450 dpi

Print Heads:  Two (one tricolor, one clear)

Material Options:  High performance composite.

Equipment Weight:  425 lbs. (193 kg)







Printer  310 Plus
Monochrome - #D Printer

Color:  Monochrome

Resolution:  300 x 450 dpi

Vertical Build Speed:  1.0 inch/hour (25 mm/hour)

Build Size:  8 x 10 x 8 inches (203 x 254 x 203 mm)

Material Options: 

High Performance Composite, Direct Casting  ,    Elastomeric, Investment Casting

Layer Thickness:  0.0035 - 0.008 inches (0.089 - 0.203 mm)

Number of Jets:  304
   ·    File Formats for Printing:  STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS, ZPR


LOM (Laminated Object Modeling)











Printer Specifications


3D printing - Plastic Sheet Lamination

Build Material

Engineered Plastic

Material color

Amber transparent, Red, Blue, Black and Cream


+/- 0.1 mm (XY)

Layer thickness

0.168 mm (Z)

Maximum model size

160 X 210 X 135 mm (XYZ)


W465 x L770 x H420 mm

Weight without cartridge and roll

36 Kg

Weight with cartridge and roll

45 Kg

Power consumption

620W (maximum power, in process)

100-120 / 200-240VAC

50/60 Hz.

Operating temperature

18ºc  to  35ºc

Sound level

Max 65 db(A)

Max ambient humidity

80% Relative Humidity

FDM TITAN (Fused Deposition Modeling)










Build Envelope
16 x 14 x 16 inches
(406 x 355 x 406 mm)
Layer Thickness
0.013 inch (0.33 mm)
0.010 inch (0.254 mm)
0.007 inch (0.178 mm)
0.005 inch (0.127 mm)
Material Loading Capacity
Two auto load canisters
92 cubic inches (1508 cubic cm)
Achievable Accuracy
Models are produced within an accuracy of
+/- .005 inch (+/- .127 mm) up to 5 inches (127
mm). Accuracy on models greater than 5 inches
(127 mm) is +/- .0015 inch per inch (+/-.0015 mm
per mm). Note: Accuracy is geometry dependent


 FARO & Laser Scanner








The FaroArm Platinum is 7 axis portable high accuracy CMMs,

CAD-to-Part-analysis on parts, fixtures and assemblies with previously unheard of precision.

Point Cloud data

Reverse Engineering
Model (Measuring Range)    =          6 ft. (1.8 m)
Single Point Articulation              .0008 in. (.020 mm)
Performance Test (Max-Min)/2  .0010 in. (.026 mm)
Volumetric                                    ±.0011 in. (.029 mm)
Maximum Deviation                   ±.0015 in.  (±.037 mm)



o    Software
  • MAGMA (Casting Simulation )
  • Solid Works
  • CAMworks 
  • Geomagic
Magma Soft





MAGMASOFT is a comprehensive simulation tool, for the technological, and quality focused, production of castings, worldwide. Its simulation capabilities, provide a better understanding, of mold filling, solidification, mechanical properties, thermal stresses, and distortions, and much more.
MAGMASOFT also helps to avoid gating, and feeding problems, predict casting quality, aids permanent mold design, and reduces fettling costs. MAGMASOFTprovides a complete solution for design, production, and quality departments.



o    Research Projects

  • Rapid Casting of Non Ferrous and Ferrous Parts by Deploying Innovative Pattern and Mold Making Technologies Using Green Sand, Plaster/Ceramics and Polymers. duration : August-2010 to January 2013 (08-ADV71-4)
  • Investigating the Failure Cause(s) of Bevel Gear of a Large Polymer Extruder( Industrial Project)
  • Feasibility Study Of Enhancing Photovoltaic Cell Output With A Non-Imaging Concentrator For Water Heating/ Desalination ( Nature of Project)

o    Faculty /Students Projects

  • Graduate Projects (ME 610) 
    • MSc Theses “Improving quality and productivity of casting Process by using advanced simulation and Rapid prototyping technology”
  • Under Graduate projects (ME411/ME412 / ME415)
         Semester 091: 

  • Pattern And Mold Design For Non-Ferrous Metal Castings
  • Sand Casting Design For Ferrous Materials
  • Advanced Simulation and Rapid Prototyping Technology in Lost Foam Casting

          Semester 092: 

  • Design of Optimized molds for making quality metal casting Products
  • Soft tooling (Silicon Molds) Design and use of Rapid Prototyping Technologies in Polymer part production

          Semester 093:

  • Design Issues in Using  Rapid Prototyping Technologies in Metal Casting Processes

          Semester 111:

  • Spin casting process and tool design for quality part production for low melting alloys

         Semester 112:

  • Mold Design and Quality issues in Spin Casting Process of Zinc Alloys

Events and Activities 

  • Magma Seminar, seminar and training on metal casting simulation “Metal Casting simulations-Quality and productivity improvements by MAGMASOFT”, KFUPM, Feb 7 to Feb 12th 2013